How May We Serve You?

Pastor Dan's most recent eBook will revolutionize how you think about service.

Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII – Who Will Win It?

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will face each other this Sunday in Super Bowl LII. Forty-year old Tom Brady will once again be leading the Patriots, while Nick Foles will be leading the Eagles. Patriots coach Bill Bellichick is drawing a lot of media attention, but is

Pastors Dan and Ann Stratton

Meet Our Pastors

Meet Our Pastors… Faith Exchange is a non-denominational Christian church in lower Manhattan, NY. It was founded by Dan Stratton, a Yale football star who built a successful career on the trading floor of the Commodities Exchange. He is frequently joined at the pulpit by his wife, Ann Stratton, who is

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How May We Serve You?

Get Pastor Dan’s New eBook – Read it as he writes each chapter until completion.  Claim Your Copy Now! SUBHEADING How May We Serve You? Serving is both an art and a science.  Intending to help someone is never good enough.  We have minimized the question “How are you?”  

So You Call Yourself A Disciple of Christ?

Let's see if you really are a disciple.

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