2020, A Year Like No Other

Dear Faith Exchange Family and Friends,

2020 has been a year like no other. Still, with all of the changing dynamics, some things haven’t changed. Jesus is still on the throne. Jesus is Lord. Jesus is our Savior and He is the High Advocate who ever lives to make intercession for those of us who love Him and are called according to His purpose. And, I have great confidence that Jesus will be Lord, Savior, Chief High Priest and an ever available presence in our time of challenge or our day of adversity. He is able and He is and always has been more than willing to help us and guide us into all truth.

Looking back over 2020

As I look back over 2020, I am reminded of the Spirit led instruction that we have received. In August of 2019, Kenneth Copeland spoke over us saying that “Ann and Dan, you have known me (God) as the healer, the protector, the financier and the giver of good gifts – now you will know me as the resurrection.” Yahweh spoke to me in my prayer time and my time of contemplation that 2020 would bring Clarity, Efficiency, Productivity, Growth and Promotion. These words have been a guiding force for us as we watched the world plunge into a lockdown due to the Corona Virus.

So, what did we do with Resurrection in our minds and Clarity, Efficiency, Productivity, Growth and Promotion as our guideposts. Vision2020 – the ability to see … has to be assessed and measured, so let us take a look back and measure our ministry and our own personal development.

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The first thing that we did when we received these words is that we took them to prayer. We asked the Lord for wisdom regarding these powerful words that were given to us. Prayerfully, we studied out these instructions and the wisdom of the guidance looking for ways to make changes and execute directives.

Then, we increased our giving. 

Seed, time and harvest are always part of the increase process. Without the sowing of seed there is no entrance into the resurrection process. You see, you must give something produced by your life — plant it — let it die — so that it can be raised to new life. There is no true promotion or graduation without this process. So, we increased our monthly giving to Kenneth Copeland, Mike Barber, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis and our work in Cuba many fold. These were not just one time increases, they are monthly and in some cases weekly seeds that we sow.

Increased Prayer Time

Also, early on I increased our time in prayer and our focus on prayer. For many months I participated with our intercessors on the daily prayer call. We increased the participation in prayer by 200%. We doubled our participation and doubled it again. On some days this number was more like 500%. This prayer time and this prayer focus is how you water the seed that you sow. Prayer is the continual nurturing of the seed by reminding yourselves of the promises of God.

Increased Services

We increased our teaching time. We have taught over 50 extra services – focusing on the word of God, going back to Hebrew Roots. These teachings were daily for two months and many people took advantage of these teachings via Zoom. These classes were recorded and are available to anyone who wishes to view them.

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We opened our church on June 7th, 2020. NY and NYC were saying that we had to remain closed, but, led by the Lord, I declared that we would open up our facility so that we could honor YHWH with Praise, Prayer and the Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our teams rallied around this effort and we have remained open every Sunday and every Wednesday for services. We have practiced social distancing, the wearing of masks, sanitizing our hands and the taking of temperatures and we have had no reports of Covid related sickness. It is our prayer and our declaration that “We don’t get sick” and that “God has not given us the Spirit of Fear. He has given us the Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind.”

When George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, there was a great deal of emotion unleashed in the media and on our streets. Protests turned violent as various injustices were pointed out and various solutions to those injustices were bandied about. The killing of innocents should always be opposed and the value of life should always be at the forefront of what we stand for. George Floyd should not have died on that day. Many people should not have died this year that did die and we should protest all of that equally. We believe that showing up in church is the appropriate protest for all anti-life behavior.

How do we protest? 

We seek the Lord. We inquire of the Lord and we don’t stop seeking and inquiring until we have marching orders. If you don’t have this discipline or this set of behaviors in your life, then I strongly suggest you get with people who do and align yourself with them.

How do we protest? We Pray. We Give. We Fast. We Forgive and we make Good Decisions based on the knowledge that God is Good and that He is Faithful to us as His sons and daughters — for sons and daughters have privileges and those privileges make us free men.

We declare and proclaim that the United States of America is Good. She is filled with Good and Godly people. In fact, we declare that she is great. She is One Nation, submitted to God … Liberty and Justice should be fought for and available for all people. She cannot be divided. Therefore she is indivisible. We declare this.


So, with all of that in mind … We taught over 20 lessons on Liberty.
Freedom is something that we have freely received but we received this freedom because Jesus willingly paid the price so that we could have freedom and freedom in abundance. There is no freedom outside of Jesus. Where the Spirit of Yahshua is there is liberty. Where the Spirit of Deliverance is there is freedom. Where the Spirit of Victory is there is liberty and joy. The people rejoice when the righteous rule … so we rule with the words of our mouths and the meditations of our heart.

Never worry about what men think of you. Always be aware of how you think of and feel about others. Love your neighbor. Love your friends. Love your enemies. Loving is your choice. In fact, there can be no love without a free person making a very free choice. When you choose to love … the lovely and the unlovely, the rich and the poor, those like you and those very different from you, the wise and the fool … you have graduated to a place worthy of the blessing. You have graduated from being blessed to being a blessor – a carrier of the Blessing.

Blessed is the Blessor.
Blessed are the carriers of the Blessing.
Blessed are you among all people who will daily contemplate the Resurrection …
Blessed are you who have eyes to see and ears that hear … for you know that faith without measurable works is dead.

You have clarity, efficiency, productivity, growth and promotion. Now go and put the measuring stick to your 2020 and see what the Lord is doing. I declare that it is marvelous in my eyes.

Much Love
Pastor Dan.

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