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Dan-Stratton-Home[dropcaps style=’2′]Faith Exchange began on the New York Commodity Exchanges. Since the late 1980’s the gospel has been preached in some fairly unfriendly circles. Prayer has gone up ‘where the love of money’ is rampant, and disciples have been made through it all. The church has been forced to hold services in over 30 locations since those early days, suffering the loss of their facilities at 90 West Street due to the terror strike of 9-11-2001. Through it all Pastors Dan and Ann Stratton have stayed true to their calling to minister to the people of the financial capitol of the world by holding services both small and great.[/dropcaps] [quote style=’1′ cite=’www.faithexchange.com’ title=’Dan Stratton’] “A lot of my Yale friends regard me as a bigot, close-minded, sophomoric, a redneck,” he says. “But when it comes to sin, my motto is: fight the demand, not the supply. The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination, but I don’t sermonize about that or come down too hard on it. The artists in my church wouldn’t be there if I did. I let the Bible speak for itself on the subject of what is and isn’t a sin.”

Stratton’s oratorical style is straightforward, a coach in the half-time locker room, with the Bible as his game plan. Occasionally he lightens the mood by poking fun at himself and then showing the congregation his technique. (“You just love that self-deprecating humor, don’t you?”)

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  1. Warm greetings from Togo, West Africa.
    May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
    My name is Kouassi Akanwo A. AKANDE, a missionary and senior Pastor at El-Shaddai Baptist Church of Dalave.
    It is a real pleasure meeting you on here.
    Dalave in a small village in the city of Tsévié which is known for high level of crime, children and young people at risk and a city where most people still hold onto ancestor’s worship. Couple years ago, my wife and I were called by God to minister to these people in Dalave and we are pleased to say we’re making impact here and the Lord is bringing changes into people’s life.
    I hope you will prayerfully consider to come into friendship with us in the ministry in Togo .
    May the Lord bless you.

  2. Hello Dan, we met last year 😉 (Happy New Year!) in Lisbon Portugal for the 500+ High Capacity Leaders Leadership Community. I’m Swiss…! You shared testimonies about the people of your church during the dramatic 11th September 2001. They all heard God and renounced to go in the twin towers. You promised to send us some of these stories by mail. Would you please do that for me? Thank you very much and big blessings.

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