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Acts of Kindness 

As I settle in to pray today, I am reminded of the work/worship that we enjoyed yesterday.  Avodah — the Hebrew word for work doubles as the Hebrew word for worship and I rejoice in the beauty of this mystery.  

Alef, Bet, Daleth, Heh — Avodah.   One Two Four Five.  When you add the numerical value of these four letters you get twelve — The addition of one plus two equals three and this draws a reference to the third letter of the Hebrew Alef/Bet — the Gimel.  There is a righteousness that isn’t sounded in the word Avodah.  The righteous man works and worships.  He works as worship and worships as work.  It is in this place that holy communion takes place in the most mundane and in the divine.  

As a review — for your consideration — 

Alef — the first letter in it’s writing is made up of two yuds and a slanted Vav.  The the hovers above the vav and supports the vav from below.  In this writing is the mystery of the sacred name as the numerical value of two yuds and a vav equals the numerical value of the sacred name.  The sound of this letter should be imagined as a deep exhale with an ahhh sound rather than a purposed short a.  

Beit — this is the second letter and it is the first letter in the book of Genesis.  It carries the numerical value of 2 and when you think of it, remember that it can have both the b and the v sound.  In the word Avodah it sounds like a v.  Bereshit is the first word in the Bible and it carries deep meanings, much deeper than “In the beginning”.  It carries the concept of House and Son primarily and begins the words that speak of creation.  Bera, Beracah — create, to create.  

Gimel is the third letter — not spoken but implied in its’ omission.  This letter has the personality of the wealthy, righteous man who leans in to help others.  

Daleth – is the fourth letter and his/her personality is that of the burden carrier/servant.  In many cases — the poor man.  It is also the door.  Yahshua refers to himself as the Daleth – or the door.  So, you see in the very definition of Avodah is the person of the door.  Work/worship opens door.  

Heh – the fifth letter, the breath — the wind — the spirit — there is a femininity here that ends the thought — it is a deep inhale — a receiving of life.  So, avodah begins with the exhale that is the alef and ends with the inhale that readies the worker/worshipper to exhale again.  

As I ready myself to write to invite many to enjoy fellowship in NYC, around 20 years of finished work — I contemplate the cycle that is the breath and that is worship.  I would love to hear your thoughts on these thoughts.  

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