Ahava defined

Ahava defined

In life, Love manifests itself in so many ways. When I think of my family, I feel a great warmth, a sense of closeness, a longing to be with them and I feel supported. 
I feel compelled to look into the future to anticipate the needs of my family members and position myself to be able to provide for them, what they provide for me and more, if possible. It feels good to know someone is thinking of me and it feels amazing to have others to think about. Love feels good.
In Hebrew, one of the words for love is ahava. Alef, heh, bet is the root of this word. If you read my work often, you will see that I love to go to the Hebrew language to consider the meanings of things. Ahava, defined or summed up in English means “I will give and I will serve.” 
It is an action word. To love is to give without expecting anything in return for the joy of giving. To love is to serve selflessly and seamlessly with foresight and selflessness and the better you get at it, the recipient of that love hardly notices the effort that you make and the service that you provide. 
The recipient has to stop and consciously consider how the service provided got there because there is no handprint from the servant. 
The better you get at loving the less and less credit you get and only the enlightened recipient will stop to pro actively love you back with either gratitude or reciprocation, which a true master of ahava hasn’t asked for, does not require, does not expect – but receives joyfully, because he recognizes and celebrates ahava wherever he sees it.
I mentioned earlier that the root word for love in Hebrew is ahav or alef, bet, heh. 1, 2, 5. In the alef, there is a mystery and a personality. Hidden in this letter is the sacred name. 
Ask me about it. Also, all Hebrew letters require other letters to express themselves. They are all three part letters and are part of the mystery of the Holy Trinity that is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as man’s tri-part being of spirit, soul and body. 
This is what John, the beloved, was implying when he wrote – “in the beginning, was the word and the word was God.” The second letter in the Alef is the l or the lamed, which is the largest Hebrew letter and scholars and mystics refer to this letter as the letter of the heart, of learning and most importantly it connects heaven to earth. 
The image of the letter is a long stem reaching up and a tunnel taking that heavenly blazing down and into the earthly realm. The final letter the f sound or the pe/fe refers to the sound or the speaking out/the mouth of this. So as you come to know ahava there is a profound revelation. 
It begins in the sacred name, sanctioned and sanctified by a holy creator allowing for a connecting to heaven and a delivery to earth and then spoken out or expressed, for love unexpressed is not love at all. Love is active.
—- every now and then I start a piece that is going to drive me into hours and hours of study and I love every minute — I was just reading the Hebrew Scholars and Mystics on the letter Heh and I was diving deep into biology and genetics … but let me give you this tidbit for now.
Happy Thanksgiving …

Dan Stratton

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