Align – Agree – Arise – Partner Letter

Align – Agree – Arise

There is a howling … 

The wind blows on stormy nights and the walls seem thinner than usual.  

And from my house I can see the ocean … aggressive … not angry … just strong and uninviting.  She reminds me that she is there and that she is stronger than me.  And the wind blows the rain into my face causing me to squint and as I wince I hear the waves and the reminder that if I stay out too long in this rain I could get hurt … Even the rain and the cold are stronger than me … 

So, I go back into the house and the furnace pumps heat and the lights are all on and the rain splashes the windows making muffled noise, but tonight there is a howling.   

There is always a danger when things get real quiet.  Memories come rushing back and the awareness of your surroundings are magnified.  Pressing deadlines and responsibilities are always there.  It seems we learn to put them to the side.  We learn to put the bills aside, the people we love who are hurting — into a manageable place and we learn to stay away from forces that are stronger than we are.  Some would call that wisdom.  I’m not sure that I do.  

Almost every day, somebody calls or texts with a question about some piece of information that has come to them that has caused them distress.  Most times it’s a doctor’s report.  Sometimes there is a symptom in their body that raises the alarm and they don’t know what to do.  A young child stays out all night or comes home drunk.  A parent or an elderly uncle or aunt has fallen or can’t recognize them and the callers feel so powerless.  Today, we received a picture of a young man who had just gone through surgery … and I am reminded that the wind is howling and that there are powers in this natural world that are stronger than me.  

And then I am reminded of a conversation I had a long time ago with the father of a friend who had been shot at many times during war.  He asked me, “Dan, what do you think is the one thing that you need most when you are in trouble?  When you are under attack, what do you think you need the most?”  I didn’t know what to answer. I was just a kid and didn’t know what to say … I had never been to war … “I don’t know, your gun?  A good pair of boots so you can run?  A helmet?”  He just looked away and said with a grin … “You know my son, he never talks to me like this, but whenever you come over, we talk.  Dan, you need to have good communication.  You need to know where to go to get information.  And you need to keep your ears open to the right things while shutting out all else.  And when you know what to do … do it with conviction.”  

The wind is howling tonight.  I hear the wind, the rain and the sea and the voice inside me reminds me that they are stronger than me – in the natural – but that same voice reminds me that as long as I stay connected to Him … He will lead me and guide me … to the places I need to be … and to say the things I need to say … to help those who call ….     My lines of communication are open to the Spirit within me and the teachings of Yahshua resonate … in the pounding of the sea and the intermittent dripping of the rain and the howling.  

Peace be still.  Fear not … only believe.  He who has been forgiven much loves much.  Let not your heart be troubled.  Be of good cheer, Dan … stretch forth thine hand.  

In His service and yours,
Pastor Dan.

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