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Sunday January 19 Service with Pastor Dan

Wednesday January 15 Service with Pastor Dan

Sunday January 12 Service with Pastor Dan

After catching the LIVE message, feel free to catch some of Pastor Dan’s most recent articles below.

Danielle at 3 years old

That time when Danielle got baptized

Danielle was three and fully ready to be baptized. The overseer of this service challenged Danielle at 3 as she spoke to the group. “Danielle, why are you here?” “ I’m here to be baptized.”

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You Are Always Up to Something Good

We remind ourselves often that “God is good, all the time.”

It is then that I usually dig in a little deeper and remind our community that “God is smarter than us, all the time.” And from there, I press a bit further reminding people that “God speaks, all the time.”

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