“Blessings from Texas” by Christina Polson

Hi all in Deeper Life,

Just wanted to let you guys know I love what I see from this recording. Love to see the development and sharing of you and your voice. Its so good to at least  virtually see my deeper life friends and the new people in the Deeper Life Family Vine.

I too miss much of the vine, either from early days in PVN (LeAnna, Matthew, Debra, Debra) and Daily Prayer (Gloria, JiNan, Kimberly, Maria, Andrea and so many others) and being in Rhythm in Him. Carmen was so power packed in Authority. Love what Anbar shared. She is so awesomely boldly wise of the Ages with Beautifully strong in being so strongly REAL. Love it. Rachel, like hearing from everyone. I agree with many of your points like what Erica said– Your are so blessed to be able to develop your voice out loud and Gloria so good to hear your voice. Love to hear all your voices today!

It is such a blessing to virtually see you guys. Although I have not been connected in a long time. You’re still dear to my heart. Love you and Blessings from Texas. not finished listening but thought I would go ahead and send this email.

Lus Ya, Christina Polson


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