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Pastor Annie's Healing Service March 11 2018

Missed Pastor Annie’s Miracle Healing Service?

Pastor Annie TeachingDid you miss Pastor Annie’s Miracle Healing Service this past Sunday?

Watch Healing Service NOW!

“Healing always comes” is Pastor Annie’s motto because she has seen healing manifest in many that come to her.  She has received supernatural healing as well many years ago when she went through some health issues in her early 20’s.

Jerry Savelle March 2nd at FE

Missed Brother Jerry’s Visit on March 2nd?

If you missed Brother Jerry’s meeting this past Friday March 2nd, you can still catch it.  Click on the video below to watch it.



How May We Serve You?


How May We Serve You?

Serving is both an art and a science.  Intending to help someone is never good enough.  We have minimized the question “How are you?”  

We don’t really want to know how the person feels or how they are doing; we are really just being polite and greeting them.  Most times, we don’t even wait for the response.  In fact the customary and expected response has become a simple “I’m fine.  How are you?”  


When your intention is to help or serve someone, care must be given from the very beginning of the interaction between the helper and the one asking for help.  This is where the art and the science of the very simple though occur.  


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My Deeper Life Conference Summer 2016- STARTS THIS FRIDAY (Free Registration)

We are looking forward to our conference in New York City — June 10-12.
  • What would you do if you knew you would succeed?
  • What is stopping you, or, what is your immediate obstacle?
  • What is your next doable step?
  • What are you thankful for?
  • What would a miracle look like?
These questions from “Good to Great” have been adopted to our Servant/Leadership/Discipleship program and they are producing great results.
Many breakthroughs are occurring and a true family is being formed. People are helping others to find purpose and priority. It is fun to watch. It takes time to build something that is truly valuable.

Come out and spend some time with the Faith Exchange Fellowship Deeper Life Class.

  • Starting Friday, June 10th at 6:30pm.
  • Event continues on to Saturday with 3 sessions (10am, 2pm, and 6:30pm).
  • Final class will take place Sunday at Master Class @ 2pm

There will be food, fellowship, and the anointed Word.

Come prepared to give voice, share testimony, and dive into the Word. Bring friends, family, and co-workers!

We overcome by the blood of the lamb, and word of our testimony!

Please shoot us an email at letting us know what events you’ll be attending and how many guests you plan to bring.
Much love.
– Pastor Dan Stratton
If you haven’t already, please stop by the My Deeper Life masterclass every 3rd Sunday of the month. Immediately after Sunday service we join together to “break bread” and spend quality time together. We follow lunch up with powerful teachings & development testimonies. If you have any questions or would like to pick up a Tool Book, please reach out to at

Word of the Day- Dependent on the Voice

I am down to 18 percent and I have had another amazing day in Yahshua Yahuah.

JiNan George is one amazing person. Francis her husband and the children Gaetano and Rosa were amazing. Francis and I spent 3 hours together. We spoke of many things too personal to discuss here. JiNan then met us for a healthy lunch where we celebrated our friendship. We then went back to JiNan’s office for some Holy Spirit problem solving. Really a great day. Later we went back to their lovely home, a home that they opened up to Valarie Williams just last week, and I spent the afternoon in the driveway with the kids playing HORSE. Fun.

If I could describe to you how dependent I am on the Voice of the Holy Spirit, I would. I don’t know what I would do without His omnipresence. He is forever with me, in spite of me. He uses me because He loves those that I open up to serve. He loves His people through me and I am so blessed to feel Him move through me. I don’t ever want to say, “My Yah, My Yah, why hast thou forsaken me.” I live to hear Him and I trust that inner Voice that speaks to me, every time I call upon Him.

Lately, He has been telling me to slow down alot and wait. It has been amazing how I will hear a word, that in the past I would have spoken only to hear it come out of the mouth of the person that I am spending time with.

As I continue in the Vine, receiving and giving love, I look for fruit. I look in my life and in the lives of others. I am not looking for wealth or even peace, I look for those that would follow the lead of those that seek Him.

Seek and you will find.
Seek first the Kingdom.
I am seeking and I truly enjoy the journey meeting others that are on the same path.

I pray for you tonight. I pray that He orders your steps aright and I pray that we begin to walk consistently shoulder to shoulder.

I will be taking the Message of the Kingdom to many places in the very near future. It is a privilege and an honor.

April — the energy world, Hebbronville Texas, the Staffing world

May — Cuba

June — we will have our conference. I will be back in NC with JiNan.

July — TExas.

August — Arizona with the Navajo

September – Another Deeper Life conference

October – NC and Mexico.

Pray for me.

-Pastor Dan Stratton

Pastor Ann Stratton Miracle Healing Service


Bring your family and friends and be healed in the name of Jesus.
When the sun was setting, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying hands on each of them, he healed them all. Luke 4:40.

WED. Family Worship Service

Please join us for our Wednesday Service, lead by Pastors Dan and Ann Stratton, every Wednesday at 7:30pm.

For a complete event schedule, visit our Events page.

We will be broadcasting services LIVE, on YouTube!! Just check back on this page for the link.


Join My Deeper Life members and Pastor Dan to share praise reports, acts of kindness and learn about the tools to live your best life. To join the teleconference, call @ 712-432-3100, code 473379.

This teleconference is held on the first Tuesday of every month.

The Daily Prayer Call

Join us for The Daily Prayer Call, your shot of uplifting inspiration every morning. Here, you can join and have others pray for you, and you can pray for others.

Call in @ 712-432-3100, code 889559