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Meet Our Pastors

Meet Our Pastors…

Faith Exchange is a non-denominational Christian church in lower Manhattan, NY. It was founded by Dan Stratton, a Yale football star who built a successful career on the trading floor of the Commodities Exchange. He is frequently joined at the pulpit by his wife, Ann Stratton, who is a powerful pastor in her own right, known for her powerful sermons and her gift of healing. 

Today, Faith Exchange holds services on Wednesdays and Sundays, often featuring guest inspirational speakers. 

Faith Exchange also hosts My Deeper Life, a national network of members who support each other through prayer and fellowship.

Dan Stratton has spoken at international conferences with Tony Robbins and Kenneth Copeland.

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Dan Stratton

About Pastor Dan

Dan-Stratton-Home[dropcaps style=’2′]Faith Exchange began on the New York Commodity Exchanges. Since the late 1980’s the gospel has been preached in some fairly unfriendly circles. Prayer has gone up ‘where the love of money’ is rampant, and disciples have been made through it all. The church has been forced to hold services in over 30 locations since those early days, suffering the loss of their facilities at 90 West Street due to the terror strike of 9-11-2001. Through it all Pastors Dan and Ann Stratton have stayed true to their calling to minister to the people of the financial capitol of the world by holding services both small and great.[/dropcaps] [quote style=’1′ cite=’’ title=’Dan Stratton’] “A lot of my Yale friends regard me as a bigot, close-minded, sophomoric, a redneck,” he says. “But when it comes to sin, my motto is: fight the demand, not the supply. The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination, but I don’t sermonize about that or come down too hard on it. The artists in my church wouldn’t be there if I did. I let the Bible speak for itself on the subject of what is and isn’t a sin.”

Stratton’s oratorical style is straightforward, a coach in the half-time locker room, with the Bible as his game plan. Occasionally he lightens the mood by poking fun at himself and then showing the congregation his technique. (“You just love that self-deprecating humor, don’t you?”)

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About Pastor Ann

Pastor Ann Stratton is a world-class teacher, with a rare healing gift. Jesus has opened blind eyes, healed many of cancer and has even raised three people from the dead through her obedience and child like faith. Dan Stratton has been faithful to oversee this work and is called an Apostle by many across the nation. His work has brought him to England, India, Africa and to Mexico as well as to over 30 states in the United States.

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