Circle of Events – Partner Letter

Circle of Events 
Faith Exchange entering 25th year of Ministry
Prayer call entering 15th year of daily prayer 
Entering the 13th year at 95 Leonard Street 
Annie and I will finish 28 years on Sept. 18th – ordained.
Annie and I will finish 36 years of marriage Oct. 6 
Finishing my 40th year in NYC.  
Finishing my 44th year on the East Coast 

As you meditate on events in your life, remember that all things work together for good for those of us who choose to love God (YHWH).  Take the time to give thanks.  Take the time to find reasons for the various aspects of your journey.  Think of places, opportunities and people that have impressed and/or impacted you.  Give thanks again. 

Now as you look back, giving thanks … look forward and ask yourself, “what is YHWH doing with me?  Is it marvelous in my eyes?”  Consider the five questions that we have learned to use for guidance.  

  1. What would I do – knowing that I won’t fail?  
  2. What is my next smallest doable step?  
  3. What is my obstacle?  
  4. What am I thankful for?  
  5. What does a miracle look like?  

Now as you ask these questions … write down your answers?  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.  There is nothing too hard for Yah.  There is nothing too big for Him.  Put your trust in Him.  

Now when you ask these questions … set some goals … and do it in these six categories … 

  1. Spiritual
  2. Physical 
  3. Mental 
  4. Emotional 
  5. Social  
  6. Financial.  

When you set the goals use the five questions in each category.  

Now — one last step … Find three people to do this exercise with.  Share your thoughts and pray about your goals together.  Invite three people into this exercise and watch YHWH knit your circle of friends.  

In His Service and yours,
Dan Stratton

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