Day 2, from the Navajo Tribe in Hidden Springs, Arizona

Go into all the world. Preach the gospel. Lay hands on the sick and they will recover and signs will follow.

4 years ago, I came to Hidden Springs, Arizona for the first time. The place was bleak, barren and dry. Still, the Bennett’s were here. Ellson, Debbie, Callie, China and the rest. I began to speak blessings over the place — in agreement with this family and the generations that had gone before. Buildings are now in place. Ellson has been invited onto decision making oversight committees at the regional level. Still, there is great opposition — internal and external. I press into the spirit to see what my part should be.

Our intercessors are at their posts daily. Gloria, Jenna, Kimberly, JiNan and others lead the prayer — laboring in love for 90 minutes every day. I am blessed to stand shoulder to shoulder with compassionate co-laborers such as these. It is the effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous person that makes power available.

Tonight, I will minister. The Navajo will be represented tonight. The Hopi will be there. Chocktaw people will attend. Apaches will be there. I believe the Crow from Montana will be there. The Sioux, the Seminole, the Ojibway and others will also be represented. To be trusted to speak a word to the leaders and representatives of Nations is truly humbling. I press to do that which is my part.

Partners — please pray and ask what you might do to help us in this work. Next week I will be with Tommy Waltz in Portugal supporting him in his apostolic work — speaking a word to leaders of European Churches.

After that we will gather in NYC to build up our partners. You should consider being with us. Our bi-annual conferences meet on Yah’s festivals and the next one is Oct. 10-12. We are also partnering with a John Maxwell group on Friday morning the 10th of October. You are welcome. We will be broadcasting.

October 17th, I will be speaking with Steve Harvey, Anthony Robbins, John Maxwell and others. This will take place in Indianapolis.

I will be in San Diego soon after that working with a group that has really made great strides to protect our power grids from terrorism and more. All of this is for the Kingdom.

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