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  1. I continue to be blessed as I recognize ever more clearly, the harmonies of revelation expressed [to me] – through Pastor Dan and Elohim concerning — “Jubilee” (7/31 @FEF)) — “Fervent Prayer for The Vision” (8/8 @FB)— “Prosperity via Supernatural Financial Blessing” (8/14 @FEF) —–
    Please give me Pastor Dan’s “private email” so that I may [in confidence / For Dan’s Eyes Only] “Write the Vision Plainly, so that others may run with it – as all of our need shall be met according to His glory by Christ Jesus.”
    Thank you. These are indeed exciting times.
    James J. Michels

  2. Great service today. I don’t care what the doctor said yesterday. I am healed in YASHUAS name. Praise YAH.

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