Focus, Purpose, Precision, Repetition, Rhythm Resurrection – Partner Letter

Focus, Purpose, Precision, Repetition, Rhythm


Clarity, Efficiency, Productivity, Growth, Promotion

Joy, Victory, Freedom, Fulfillment 

First of all, let me thank you for remembering me on my 62nd birthday.  It is truly a joy to read the well wishes that have come in and to see your name attached to those words of encouragement and love.  I took time to give thanks for each of you and to remember those people that I have shared time with and to remember even those who I have only had brief encounters.  

As I look back, I look forward.  As I look outward, I look within.  When I meditate the Hebrew letters I am reminded that there are no coincidences in YHWH … that each encounter with people, with nature and especially with obstacles are adversity are there for me to observe, think about and work with.  This perspective – this revelation – this truth helps me in so many ways, but it especially helps me with the people that YHWH sends my way to pastor, teach, evangelize, apostle or even to prophesy.  You see it is my job to do my job so that each of these, even the least of these, can fulfill their purpose in their lives and in His plan – making their purpose and His purpose – one and the same.  I spent at least a solid decade teaching Ephesians Chapter 4.  Striving to become one … in the earliest part of the chapter — one with ourselves, one with others and one with God … allowing the polishing and instructing that comes from those chosen by Yah to teach us … and then making our supply available … is a lifelong work. 

Each person that I meet begins the process anew.  So, I may be at every stage of the journey at the very same time … only with different people in different places and circumstances.  It is never boring.  The combinations of contemplation are endless.  You see, serving is living – living is loving – loving is serving.  It is especially joyful when you realize that every meeting is an opportunity to increase in capacity … knowing that though you may be serving someone other than yourself … YHWH is pruning, purging and serving/loving you … giving you more and more life … and that more abundantly.  The Zoe’ life … the God kind of life … Chai — Life through a covenant with Yah … through to the realization that you are always at the point of creation … always able to create your way out of trouble/struggle.  

Pastor Annie and I will be with Pastor Kelvin and Monica Box July 9-12.  Kelvin and I met on the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona in 2012.  Ellson and Debra Bennett introduced us and we became friends.  This friendship has led to a partnership in Cuba.  Kelvin has worked in Puebla, Mexico, the Ukraine – in Hebbronville and Laredo, Texas with other satellite works … through other men and women who look to Kelvin for training and leadership.  We plan to get to Cuba before the end of 2021.  Please pray for us as Cuba is really locked down.  Inflation is near 400%.  Unemployment is close to 50% and church is not allowed … at least in a public setting.  

We opened our church last June – June of 2020 – at the leading of YHWH.  When we pray, we are taught to listen.  When you are led by the Spirit, the voices of the media and the voices of government become less and less influential.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached in all the earth.  It must never be silenced and it must never be muffled.  The first week of August, Annie and I will be where we have been since 1987 … in Fort Worth Texas, with Kenneth Copeland Ministries … sitting, listening, learning and spending time with co-laborers of like precious faith from around the world.  

Jesse Duplantis will be with us on July 27th.  He was first with us on July 27, 1997 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.  Thousands of people have come to see Jesse at Faith Exchange sponsored events.  We then went on to host Jesse at Hunter college, the Hilton Hotel in Midtown, the Regent on Wall Street, the Javits Center and different places almost every year since.  He has been a faithful partner to Faith Exchange, as he has been with us through our ebbs and flows of ministry – always there to bring levity and wisdom.  

9-11-2021 will be 20 years since the day that the World Trade Towers came down.  Our church burned for five days.  We then understood why we had been instructed by Yah to evangelize south of Chambers Street for a full year and a half.  Personally, I understood why I was asked to leave my job/life as a commodities trader to preach the gospel.  We will be gathering to remember those who lost lives on that day.  We will remember where we were and how this event has impacted our lives.  Again, we will purpose to impact others around us for good, for ourselves, but also for those who left earth that day.  

On October 13-15, we will be gathering some of our strongest members of the ProVision Network in Raleigh, NC.  JiNan Glasgow George is hosting the Eclipse IP conference.  This will be her 8th conference.  I have attended every one of these conferences.  I have been working with JiNan since we met in Chicago in 2008.  Today her firm serves clients in some of the most cutting edge areas of technology – cyber security, transactional energy, artificial intelligence, machine learning – through her own technology that allows innovators to look into the present to see the future.  Former members will be coming from where they are now to be with us … from the UAE, London, Mexico — from finance, universities, entrepreneurialism, real estate, commodities … to come together … for such a time as this.  

Lastly, I want to thank you for partnering with us and I want to encourage you to continue to partner with us as we are just getting warmed up.  On July 1, we will begin a new 10 year lease at 95 Leonard Street in TriBeCa, NY.  I will be 72 years old when this lease will need to be renewed.  I know that I will have direction before that day comes.  In June of 2022, we will be celebrating 25 years as a church.  We will be inviting some of our strongest partners to come to minister with us on that day.  I pray that you will make time to celebrate yourself and your part in this ministry – meeting those who have prayed daily with you and for you – and those who have done the daily ministry to keep things steady when it looked like 9-11 or Superstorm Sandy or the pandemic and riots of 2020 would shut us down.  

We will never forget.  We will never give up.  

New York City is Christtown.  She is the healthiest and safest major city.  She is the city of Righteousness and the home of the burden removing, yoke destroying people of God, friends of the Holy Spirit and carriers of His contagious power.  

I look forward to hearing from you.  Remember to tell your story – testify.  Remember to read in rhythm, write the red letters, pray twice daily the Ephesians prayers and to pray in the Holy Spirit twice a day.  As you get stronger, choose three people to pour your life into … teaching them to do the same … if you do these simple things … greater things shall you do … 

In His Service and yours,
Dan Stratton

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