Good News Church in Santa Clara, Cuba

I want to thank you for supporting our work in Cuba.  The nation is on the verge of another revolution.  The people are starving and are being forced to stay in their homes, in spite of the fact that they have no food or medicine.  

The CUC, which was a form of currency has fallen out of favor and is no longer in local use.  They have reverted to the Cuban Peso, which used to be the currency of the Cuban people while the CUC was used for tourists and visitors.  The rate of Exchange for the CUC to the American Dollar was approximately one to one, but you could get about 15 pesos for the dollar … not too far off from the Mexican peso.  Today, the CUC is out of use and the American dollars sells on the black market for as much as 50 Cuban pesos.  Inflation is in full swing.  

The people are hungry across the nation.  Our church, because of the farm that we helped purchase back in 2016 was harvesting nourishment yesterday, feeding 100 families per month.  Many of those being fed are elderly.  

The pandemic is the least of their worries.  We are planning a trip to Cuba this year, but at this point, visas are not being issued.  I am in constant communication with our sister church in Hebbronville/Laredo, Texas.  We are able to travel to Texas, so we will go in July to minister to Pastor Kelvin 

Box’ church there – Faithway.  Pastor Kelvin will be up with us when we remember 9-11.  

Please continue to pray and support this work.  The vision is huge and we will have an impact on this nation over the next ten years.  Many will come to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.  

The people of Cuba are fed up and they are no longer afraid of the government.  They are too hungry to be afraid. 

In His service and yours, 

Pastor Dan.

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