Red Letters on 2-29-2020

He that overcomes

And he that overcomes and keeps my work unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying unto the churches.
The words of life have become my addiction. I am heading west to go skiing after church tomorrow, so I wrote my red letters for today, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. I plan to write some more on my flights. In the month of February, I wrote all of John, Acts, Corinthians and Revelation. It is so wonderful to handle the words of life. Now in March I finished Revelation and have started back in Matthew.
Praising, Praying, Writing, Reading, Speaking, Teaching, Proclaiming —
Listening, Loving, Learning … Leaning on the Spirit … Listening for the “still small voice”. Meditating Forgiveness, Grace, Peace, Patience, Faith, Meekness, Generosity …
Fasting Strife … Fasting Division … Fasting my opinions … Fasting your opinions … Fasting judgment … mine and yours of me … Fasting worry…
Much love …
Dan Stratton

Join me in the Red Letters Challenge today, and let’s start a revolution in your life!