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Hebbronville, Texas & New Mission Opportunities

Hebbronville, Texas & New Mission Opportunities

We, Annie and I, will be in Hebbronville, Texas tonight. The church there will be full and I am pretty sure that the number of people in the church will equal about 25% of the population of the town. I would call that a successful church!

Imagine if we could gather 25% of our city to worship, believing for healing power — in the same place at the same time. LOL — we would need a bigger space.

Faith way church is awesome.

This year Pastor Kelvin and I will minister together in Hebbronville, NYC, Puebla, Mexico and Santa Clara, Cuba — not to mention on the Reservation in Hidden Springs, Arizona with Ellson Bennett.

We need help in August, if you want to join us with the Navajo. August 7-14 — In a town of a few hundred there will be crowds of thousands — so we need help. If you want to join us — please do.


For volunteer opportunities with Pastor Dan & Anne Stratton, please email us at


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