Here Am I send me!

When you hear His voice today, say those words.

How do you know you are hearing His voice?

Here are some thoughts to hold in your mind to be sure that you are hearing Yah.

Be still … and know that Yah hears you … still, be still and wait. Study out Habbakuk 2:1-4.

Climb your tower — get alone — be mindful — watchful — then be careful not to let your intellect or your mind argue with the instructions that come. Follow the simple instructions. Practice obedience in the small things.

Listen carefully — write things down.

Without faith it is impossible to please Yah — (hebrews 10)
Faith comes by hearing (not reading) the Word of Yah. (get to church, a church where they teach, preach and demonstrate the Holy Scripture.)
Practice discerning His voice from your voice by journaling. Write what you think He says in Red and your own musings in black.

Now say “Here am I! Send me.”

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