How May I Serve You? Proverbs 3

How May I Serve You? Proverbs 3

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Proverbs 3 is truly the voice of the Father to the Son. The whole proverb is solid advice, instruction and counsel. This chapter should be spoken “as is” into your spirit and then received in the manner that I will write out for you. So, take the Proverb and read it verbatim to yourself in the mirror and then respond with these words. When you read it, read it “as if” you are Jesus or YHWH the Father speaking it directly to you. Then say this words back in response.

Father or Lord — YHWH or Yahshua — (your choice – they are one and the same, but be it unto you according to your faith.).

I am your son and I will not forget your instructions and my heart will keep your commands. I receive length of days, long life and peace. May they be added unto me. I receive mercy and truth. I bind them about my neck. I write them now on the tablet of my heart purposely. I know that when I do I am led to and will find favor and good understanding in your sight and in the sight of people.

I trust you YHWH with all of my heart. I lean not to my own understanding. In all my ways I will acknowledge you and you, Father, will direct my paths.

I will not be wise in my own eyes.
I do fear/reverence YHWH.
I depart from evil.
I receive health my navel and marrow to my bones.
I honor you with my giving and with the firstfruits of my increase
And I receive my accounts filled with plenty and the work of my hands as very productive in an ongoing manner.
I welcome your chastening.
I will not tire of your correction.
I know you love me, so continue to correct me, please.
I know you delight in me.
I find wisdom in you and I am happy.
I find understanding and I am happy, even more.
This wisdom and understanding are more valuable to me than silver and gold.
They are more precious than rubies. Nothing I could desire compares.
I receive length of days (quality of life), riches and honor.
Your ways are pleasant to me and they bring peace.
Your ways are the tree of life and I lay hold upon them
I am happy and I will retain them
By wisdom you founded the earth.
By understanding you established the heavens.
By knowledge the depths are broken up and the clouds bring the dew.
I will not let your wisdom depart from my eyes.
I will keep your solid and sure wisdom and discretion …
My soul shall live and I will cherish your grace
I walk in safety and I do not stumble
When I lay down to sleep I am not afraid. My sleep will be sweet.
I do not fear surprises. When I see desolation around me, I do not fear.
You, YHWH, are my confidence and you guide my steps.
I am generous and will withhold no good thing from the deserving. I will have the power to be generous.
I will be quick to be generous when asked.
I devise no evil, Father. I see to it that my neighbors are safe with me.
I will not strive with anyone without cause.
I will not speak frowardly – insultingly – loosely
Give me your secrets YHWH.
My home is blessed with your blessing and you YHWH live in my house.
I am not a scorned or a scoffer. I receive your grace.
I shall inherit glory …

As you finish this exercise take some time to write down what comes to mind. Interact with the Words of Life. You are in the process of transformation. Greater is He that is in you than He/you that is in the world/flesh. You are speaking to the new creation inside of you. You are speaking to the New Man. I will speak these words into your spirit this afternoon. You are growing up into Him.

Much love …

Dan Stratton

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