I Will Not Bow

As a Man thinks in His Heart so is He! 

Know YHWH as the Resurrection – 2019

Clarity, Efficiency, Productivity, Growth and Promotion – 2020

Joy, Victory, Freedom and Fulfillment – 2021


Pursue, Overtake and Recover all – David

For such a Time as this – Esther

I will not Bow – Daniel 


It is with great Joy that I write to you this week, knowing that the work that YHWH has begun in you will come to pass in those of you who will truly love Yah, trust Him and follow Him through to His desired end for your life now, and your life with Him for eternity.  It is my heartfelt prayer that you will take the time each week to read the words that I send to you, knowing that what I am sending you come to me, for you, in prayer and in study.  He has asked me to speak to you, through these letters/emails so that you could be shaped, refined, purged and melded into His desired end for you life.  He has asked me to place my mind, my heart and my hands in His will and to trust that He will shape these words/His words, for your good, so that you would step in and be fully reconciled, redeemed and resurrected in Him, through Him and with this revelation, WITH Him.   


Each week these letters include scriptural references with commentary.  They include direct quotes and then the practical application of the words written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit needs hands.  We are the hands in the earth.  We are in Him, working through Him more efficiently and productively when we hold our thoughts on the truth that we are with Him, and never without Him.  


In a recent letter, I reminded you of the daily regimen each believer should be aware of.  In Matthew Chapter 5 … Yahshua/Jesus teaches us that we are to pray, give, forgive, fast and purposely choose Him in each deliberation.  So, it is here that you should check your work.  Do an inventory.  Assess your prayer life.  Assess your giving life.  Assess your forgiveness life, your fasting life and your decision-making process.  As I write this, I am reminded that the forgiveness life and the word repentance goes hand in hand.  When you contemplate forgiveness for others and for yourself – repent.  Ask Yah/God for forgiveness …. This is like training your very core in the physical sense.  Strong arms and legs are very weak without a strong stomach and back.  In that same letter, I listed 9 daily tasks.  They were designed to give you the kind of practice spiritual men and women who pursue a Higher Purpose implement and practice.  


  1. 5 purposed Acts of Kindness

  2. 5 minutes per day Giving Thanks 

  3. Casting down negative, angry, bitter, covetous, spiteful or vengeful thoughts.  

  4. Guard what you look at, hear, taste, smell and touch – 

  5. Feed your spirit by writing and reading Scripture 

  6. Feed your faith by listening to ministry that is based on Believed Scripture.  

  7. Praise and Magnify YHWH Yahshua … sing, shout, — make Him larger.  

  8. Use your words to Create a desired end.

  9. Teach these principles to others — Pay this forward. 

You will find when you begin to practice these daily principles that your thoughts will begin to align.  When you begin to consider aligning yourself with this pursuit of your Higher Purpose, you will notice from the start that you need others who are on this path.  You will need a community of Godly seekers, Truth Seekers, Joy Seekers, Peace Seekers, … And you will need to be with them regularly.  This is why we have set up the daily morning prayer, the bi weekly teachings, the weekly letters, the instructions as to how to purpose your Acts of Kindness, the Deeper Life Tool Kit, the 12 simple/core thoughts … and more.  


So ask yourself a few questions.  Take the time to answer them.  Write your answers, thoughtfully, into a journal.  


  1. Why did God make me the way that I am?  Why did He make me?  What is my purpose?  What am I passionate about?  If I could do anything and succeed, what would I do?  

  2. What am I doing to honor God?  What am I doing with what God has given me?  What could I do better?  

  3. How am I practicing my pursuit?  How do I do what I do?  Do I even know?  Am I proactively pursuing clarity, efficiency and productivity – best practices?  

  4. Where am I?  Am I where I am supposed to be?  Am I with the kinds of people and influences necessary for this journey.  Am I located in Him, with Him and working through Him.  

  5. When?  This may be the most important question you ask yourself.  When is the right time to start?  You need to answer this question for yourself, but my suggestion would be that you start Now.  Now faith is.  Then ask yourself, what is obstructing me?  Then ask, what could I do today to get started, no matter how small?  

As a Man thinks in His Heart, so is He 

Every man will speak of His own goodness, but a Faithful man who can find?

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. 

A good man leaves an inheritance to His children’s children. 

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. 

Speak to the Mountain

Choose this day

Believe God, so shall you be established

Believe the prophets, so shall you you prosper 

Pursue, Overtake and Recover All

For such a time as this

I will not bow.


Always remember that we are called to be witnesses.  And that means that we are to go into all the world preaching the gospel – the Good News of the Victory that Jesus has bought and paid for and wrought in those of us who love Him and follow Him according to our callings and His purpose.  With that thought, I want to layer in the fact that we overcome/have victory/succeed by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony … with that said let me speak from my memory and my heart … practicing the testimony, the story … and the story telling that is required of the believer that does the work to control his own thoughts and words.  Please feel free to read the first 7 chapters in the Book of Daniel to see what our Lord has done through me this day.  You see, He had you on His mind when the Book of Daniel was first written, and He has you on His mind as I intentionally internalize and intentionally express to you, for you – from Him.  Watch what He highlights and what He leaves out.  This exercise that I am doing must be done after reading and re-reading the chapter and then without referring back to the Book, you retell the story – as the Holy Spirit brings it to your memory.  


When Daniel was a young boy, Nebuchadnezzar’s armies were raiding and plundering far and wide.  The nation of Israel was plundered and Jerusalem was sacked.  The people were killed by the thousands and others were enslaved.  The men that were enslaved were emasculated – suffering castration.  Daniel, Hannaniah, Michael and Azariah suffered that fate.  However, they were brought back to the courts of Nebuchadnezzar where they were to be trained to serve in various capacities under the King.  They were separated from their parents.  Their parents were either killed or serving as slaves elsewhere.  Either way, the boys were without family and maimed.  It is important that you have this perspective when you consider the story.  All four boys had been raised in Hebrew school and had been taught in the ways of scripture and Torah.  


It was then that Nebuchadnezzar reached out to one of his stewards, inquiring as to some of the young men that might serve with greater capacity in the affairs of the kingdom.  He instructed the steward to look for boys that were good looking, strong and smart.  He said that they should be given fine food and drink so that they would get stronger and then once they were tested and assessed, the best of these should be brought before the king for assignment.  These instructions were brought to all of the young men from kingdoms far and wide.  Upon hearing these instructions Daniel approached the steward saying, “I will not eat the meat, nor will I drink the wine.”  He was adhering to the instructions he had learned as a young man trained in the ways of YHWH, Daniel’s God.  The steward was not pleased with Daniel, but Daniel asked a favor of the steward saying, “just give us, me, Hananiah, MIshael and Azariah, the foods we have been eating for 10 days and the water and then come back and see if we are healthy and strong compared to the other boys.”  The steward agreed.  10 days later he came back and it was just as Daniel had said.  They were stronger and quicker of mind.  When they were taken before the King and tested, they were 10 times better than any of the rest of the boys that were well fed and tested.  They were immediately selected to serve in government in Babylon, with Daniel taking a leading post.  Daniel and the others prospered in this role.  


After a while, a few years, Nebuchadnezzar had a dream.  He called for his soothsayers and his wizards and asked them, “Who can tell me my dream and the interpretation of the dream.”  The Chaldeans, who were wizards and soothsayers, responded with “tell us the dream and we will give you the interpretation.”  The king was wroth, saying, “No, you must tell me the dream and the interpretation or I will put the whole group of you to death and your families.”  The lead Chaldean came back saying, “Never in all of history has a soothsayer been asked to tell the dream and the interpretation.  Please tell us the dream and we will interpret it for you.”  At this point Nebuchadnezzar called his steward in and gave the order to begin killing the wizards, the mystics and the soothsayers.  When the steward began organizing the executions, Daniel heard of it.  He went to the steward, who was his associate and said, “Wait, tell the King that I will tell him the dream and I will give him the interpretation.  There is no reason to execute these people with their families.  But I need three days to go before my Lord.  He will tell me the dream and the interpretation.”  


After 3 days of prayer and fasting Daniel was called before the king.  He bathed and donned the appropriate clothing for an audience with the king.  When he entered the chambers where the King held court, He said, “O King of Kings … I will tell you your dream and the interpretation, but you must know.  I am no better than these other men.  I am not smarter or more gifted.  However, my God, I am that I am, the Hebrew God lives and He has revealed these secrets to me.”  Nebuchadnezzar nodded for Daniel to continue — and Daniel said “ O King of Kings you have dreamed of a great statue with the head of Gold, the shoulders of silver, the chest and torso of brass and the legs of iron with the feet made of both iron and clay.  A great stone that was uncut came to strike the statue in the feet and the statue did fall and crumble.”  Nebuchadnezzar was delighted that Daniel had indeed seen the dream.  It was at this point that Daniel began to interpret the dream.  You, O King, are the head of gold and there is none like you.  The shoulders of silver is the ruler that shall follow you, but he will not know the glory and the honor that you have manifested.  The body of Brass will also be a lesser kingdom as with each leader the Kingdom will diminish and next the legs of iron with feet of clay and iron … the kingdom will be divided into two and will ultimately topple and fall.”  The King was delighted with Daniel and promoted him on the spot to greater responsibility in the Kingdom, giving him rule over major parts of Babylon.   Nebuchadnezzar then publicly proclaimed an acknowledgement of Daniel’s God.  There is no God like Daniel’s God.  He reveals secrets and He is truly the God of Gods. 


Daniel, Hannaniah, MIshael and Azariah are serving admirably.  They have found great favor with the king, but the other leaders and advisors were jealous of Daniel so they came together to devise a plan to bring shame on these men.  They knew the men were of excellent character so there was no way to catch them stealing or committing any other offense.  So, they crafted a plan to use their faith against them.   They had a great idol built in the image of Nebuchadnezzar.  The king liked the idea.  They declared a decree that everyone must bow to the idol whenever the idol was near or at certain times of the day.  They knew that Daniel and his friends would never do that, so they made sure that Nebuchadnezzar was informed when Hannaniah, whose Babylonian name was Shadrach, and MIshael whose Babylonian name Meschach and Azariah, whose Babylonian name was Abed-nego, refused to bow down and worship the image of Nebuchadnezzar.  They were brought before the king.  “Is it true that you will not bow down and worship my image?”  They responded, “It is true.  We worship YHWH, and we will not bow to any graven image.”  Nebuchadnezzar didn’t understand and was very angry.  Nebuchadnezzar then informed these young men, “If you do not bow, you will burn.  I will throw you into the fire.”  The young men responded, “Whether you throw us into the fire or not, we will not bow.  Not now, not ever.  We worship YHWH, the most High God.” 


In an effort to scare the young men Nebuchadnezzar has the fire stoked to a feverish heat.  He makes it 7 times hotter and assigned his best men to throw Shadrach, Meschach and Abed-Nego into the fire.”  The king has them bound tightly so they can not move, so they will not be able to avoid the fire.  When the men throw the three young men into the fire, those doing this are burned and they die.  They are fully consumed.  Nebuchadnezzar watches … to his amazement he sees men walking around in the fire.  They are calm and walking, but there are not three men there, there are four.  And Nebuchadnezzar describes one as looking like the Son of God… Glorious.”  When the three young men were walking in the fire, the King called to them by their Babylonian names,  “Come out from there and come to me.”  All those there could see that they were not burned.  Their clothes were not burned nor did they smell of smoke or fire.  The king in his amazement decreed.  “Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego.  This God has sent his angel to deliver these men from the fire and has changed the decree of the king.  From now on, no one will speak ill of their God.  They refused to bow or to serve or worship any other God but their own and their God has delivered them.  If anyone speak ill of their God, that person will be cut in pieces and their homes will be utterly destroyed, because there is no God like their God.”  Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego were promoted in the kingdom of Babylon.  They were given position and authority.


Time passed and the favor that was on Daniel, Hannaniah, MIshael and Azariah caused the others to envy and covet their position and favor.  Again, they tried to use the daily worship that these men practiced against them.  The advisors went to the king and said, “We must declare a decree that no man can petition God for 30 days but you, O King.”  They insisted that he declare this decree with the penalty of death and that death was to be the death of being thrown to the lions.  When the decree went out, Daniel knew what it was meant to do, but he threw open his windows so that all would see that Daniel prayed openly and loudly three times a day.  The other advisors came and brought Daniel before the King.  The King was upset that he had been tricked again, and he spoke to Daniel quietly and privately, “Daniel, I know that your God will deliver you.”  He did so with sadness and allowed Daniel to be thrown to the lions and left overnight.  The king could not sleep and when sun up came he ran to find Daniel calmly sitting with lions.  He was not harmed.  The king turned to his soldiers and ordered those that had set up this decree to be thrown into the lion’s den with their families.  


You see — these men didn’t bow.  They allowed scripture to be their guide.  They trusted God to reveal secrets to them and to turn the heart of the King.  We can learn from this.  It is our adherence to prayer and service that God is looking for.  He will deliver us … if we will not bow or compromise.  He will use our faithfulness to bring His plan and purpose to pass.  


I know that you may not see the value in an exercise like this, but there is an anointing for the 10 times better than the rest available to those of us who will begin to put God first, seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness.  


Please choose this day to follow Him with all of your heart.  


Pursue, Overtake and Recover All

For Such a Time as this

Say, I will not bow!


Victory:  Settle it in your Heart.  

Thank you for your partnership.  Thank you for everything.  You are a blessing.  
In His service and yours, 

Pastor Dan.


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