“In all your ways acknowledge Him.” – Dan Stratton

After ministering last night to the Navajo people, I meditate and marinate on what He had me to do last night as well as what He would have me do going forward regarding my relationship with this mighty people as well as my covenant relationship with Ellson Bennett that grows — year after year — letting patience have her perfect work.

Last night three concepts came to me as I prepared to minister.

Ways — the Hebrew word for Way — Derek — It could mean path as well.
Dalet, Reish, Kaf sofit. == 224 reducing to 8. New beginnings are always the first thought on the number of 8 as Yah uses 7 day cycles —

The Dalet is the servant. It also represents to the door.
The Reish represents choice or a turning.
The Kaf represents a promotion or a crowning.

We choose to serve and we are crowned/promoted.

His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts higher than our thoughts.

Acknowledge — the Hebrew word is Yadah — Yud, dalet, heh
In this there is great revelation.

The Yud represents the first letter of the sacred name … and it is the smallest letter — and should be thought of as the point of creation.
The dalet again is represented here and in the service/door we begin to get a real feel for humility and the proper attitude of acknowledgement. We not only acknowledge His existence, but His magnificence — His ability and His essence.
The Heh is the fifth letter and represents the stuff by which all things are created — in effect the breath of Yah. It is to be thought of as an exhale — admitting that we need Yah.

So, to acknowledge Him is to step into His Creative Ability through our willingness to serve understanding that our serving begins on our very breath.

Yud equals 10, dalet is four and heh is five totaling 20 — reducing to 2. He is our house and home and when we trust in Him — He creates through us.

Trust — The Hebrew Word is Batach — Bet, tet, chet — 2, 9, 8 — 19 – 10 – 1

The bet represents Sonship, the Home or house which is really our covering Creator. It also represents creation or creativity. We create when we are in agreement with Him and each other.

The tet is the number 9 and should be thought of as the pregnancy period and the gestation period but also as the protection of the womb or like swaddling clothes, wrapping us inside.

The chet is the number 8. It should be thought of in combination with chessed or mercy/compassion, chupa — the wedding canopy or the covenant vows with Yah and the chartoret — the bridge to the blessings.

So as you put these three living letters together you come to understand a little of what Yah means by trust.

As we make Him our home, we trust Him and that makes us Sons/co-creators. We are in the process of transformation coming to be more and more like Him as we choose to join Him through consistent behavioral choices of trust.

All of this is for you this morning my friend and co-laborer. I trust that it will bless you.

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