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Jerry Savelle will be with us on June 9th! (starts @ 7pm)

Jerry Savelle will be with us on June 9th! (starts @ 7pm)

Faith Exchange Fellowship is celebrating 20 years as a formal church this June. We will be holding special meetings June 9th through the 11th to honor the work that YHWH has done in our midst through His Son Yahshua. Brother Jerry Savelle will kick the event off on Friday night at 7 pm.

We have been associated with Jerry since the late 80’s. He dedicated our daughter Danielle in the summer of ’93 and I travelled with Jerry to Canada and Kenya in ’94 to minister. Jerry’s worldwide ministry has been a blessing to many for over 40 years.

Fellowship and Festivity will be the theme of the weekend with food, music and fun for the whole family all weekend. Please ensure to stay after service for pizza and fellowship Friday (6/9) evening!

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