Let us reason together

Let us reason togetherI am reading and thinking about prejudice.

The dialogue is heated now. Try to keep in mind that the solution lies in a conversation where respect is given and respect is received. After all, what we all want, at the end of the day, is fairness and respect.

Scripture guides me … and in 2015 I spent a whole year teaching on blame, shame, guilt and condemnation from Romans.

These are deep seeded inner mechanisms that we all live with and express in different ways at different times.

There are habits and daily regimens that can be applied to releasing the pain of past mistakes and past betrayals.

Let us reason together…

Let us love one another by giving each other a chance to share.

Avoid telling someone to be silent or to “shut up.” Silencing someone is the spiritual equivalent of murder.

Not every thought has equal merit but every person has equal merit and through respectful exchange solutions will be found.

Isn’t that what we want?

Think on this … Would we rather be found to be correct in our thinking or … do we want peace? And remember that peace cannot be reached through acquiescence or appeasement. Peace … be with you.

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Much love …

Dan Stratton

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