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NOTES for Today’s Teaching

חופש kofush

The Hebrew word for Liberty —

Liberty revealed, pursued, released, received and achieved must be spoken out.


Chet — when you think of Chet — think of Life חי. Chai or the Hebrew word for life. So, in the beginning of the word Liberty there is vitality/life. The Chet is said to be made up of a combination of the letters Vav and Zayin (these represent the male and the female) and therefore it is the letter that speaks to the importance of relationships. The Hebrew word Chupah is the canopy under which a man and a woman come together to be married. There is freedom in solid relationships.

Also, when meditating the Chet of Kofush — (Pronounced KO long o and Fsh with a shortened e or u sound between the f and the sh) — it is important to consider the word Chalom — which is the Hebrew word for Dream. Dreams are a very important way to receive information from Yah, as it is a time when we are most spiritual and open to suggestion. Our natural or carnal defenses are down… Therefore, to achieve true liberty one should keep a dream journal, remembering as much as possible from our dreams …

The Chet is also the fist letter of Chokmah or Wisdom and piety Chasidut. The inner thought here is that in all of our efforts to attain and acquire Wisdom, we are to pursue the practical application of that Wisdom with equal fervor.


Vav — when you think of Vav — think of wholeness and the six dimensions — above, below, right, left, front and back.

The Hebrew word for confession — viduy — begins with Vov. A confession is a spoken purposeful utterance. The implication here is that every man is responsible for his words, for the things he says … therein lies liberty. In Hebrew thought, there is no vicarious atonement … we are all responsible. In Christian thought, Jesus/Yahshua is the final atonement and one made for all. Still, when it comes to freedom, we must take responsibility for our words and our thoughts.

Also, when considering the Vov — think AND — AND joins together words, sentences and concepts. Vov signifies that things seemingly separate and even contradictory — as in conflict — can be viewed as comprising a higher unity or agreement.

The Vov also speaks to the individuality of every man. Only when a person expresses his uniqueness can there be a meaningful joining with others. We have always used the phrase, “Fully connected, fully expressed.” In short, you cannot imitate the spiritual journey of another. You have to walk your walk, pray your prayers, give your gifts and speak your purpose.


Pe/Fe — the mouth. Pe represents the power of speech. When we speak we release spiritual power — effecting both the visible and the invisible.

Pe — consider the power of cheerful, supportive words while contemplating the importance of silence.

Pe begins the Hebrew words for opening (poht) and doorway (ptach) symbolizing that speech has the power to open doorways and allow us to enter into new realms of experience.

“A wise person does not speak before one who is superior in wisdom, he does not break in upon the words of his fellow, he is not hasty to answer, he questions in accordance with the subject matter and makes answer to the point, he speaks upon the first thing first and the last thing last, and regarding what he has not heard he says, “I do not understand it’ and he admits the truth.’


Shin. — consider Shalom — peace … and Shabbat the experience of rest and the idea of sacred time. Think of the rhythms of change … doing your best to remain at peace in those times — in this you find harmony … I ask you. “Can there be liberty without harmony?” The Hebrew word for two — shanaim … asks you to consider the existence of duality in thinking. Light and darkness exist together as one marks the other … no darkness, no light — no light no darkness … they exist in degrees in relation to the other.

the world is moving towards wholeness — Shalom — moving toward Yah.

The Hebrew word for joy is simcha and it starts with shin as well.

“Try to be as happy as you possibly can … Search for your good points in order to foster happiness. The main source of strength is joy.”

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