Meditating Psalm 19

Psalm 19 has always been a favorite of mine. I have received many answered prayers when I meditate this psalm and confess the last three verses.
Right now I am on a plane, so I am going to paraphrase from memory.
“What man really knows his errors? Lord, show me my secret faults… show me the things that I don’t know that I am doing wrong. Lord, I would really like it if you would show me the things that I am doing or thinking wrong, but in my pride or in my willingness to accept mediocre results think that I am doing or thinking right. But most importantly — LET THE WORDS OF MY MOUTH AND THE MEDITATIONS OF ME HEART BE ACCEPTABLE IN THE SIGHT, MY STRENGTH, MY SOVEREIGN AND MY REDEEMER.”
Today, I am traveling to spend time with a leader. She is a lawyer and as I sat on the plane I listened as she led our intercessory prayer call. She prayed scripturally. She prayed from a place of victory and she prayed in the name of them Father, Son and the Holy Spirit — YHWH Yahshua. Read Proverbs 30 and then inquire as to why this name is so important.
When I pray for YHWH to order my steps and to give me the right words to say He does so. I know that I have not when I refuse to ask and I gain no entry where I will not knock … so, as I pray on this plane, preparing to serve JiNan, my friend, and her team of lawyers and patent writers … I ask for wisdom. I seek revelation and insight and I knock on the doors of opportunity … knowing that my Father will withhold no good thing.
Pray today, Fast today, Forgive today, Sow a financial seed today and make good decisions today.
Spend five minutes writing today … Open your Bible to the Words of Jesus … and begin writing the red letters from one of the Gospels. When the words of Jesus begin to permeate your inner thoughts … Love will reign and clarity will manifest.
Read Hebrews 4:12 — “the Word of God is quick (alive), sharper than a two edged sword and it divides asunder, makes clear, the differences between the workings of the soul and the workings of the spirit and it will show you the thoughts and the intents of the heart, whether they are led by your fleshly appetites or the aspirations of a new, clean spirit.” Stratton translation.