Due to unforeseen circumstances the celebration is postponed.

Meanwhile, please leave your thoughts below for the family.

Gloria Yvonne Bradford Gloria Yvonne Bradford
Mother, Wife, Sister, Minister, Intercessor, Teacher, Author, Businesswoman, Child of God 

Celebration of Life 
Friday evening – 7 PM. 
Faith Exchange Fellowship 
95 Leonard Street
New York, New York. 10013 

Mr. Leroy Bradford, husband, Michelle Mings, daughter, David Lee Bradford, son, and Malachi Mings, grandson, request the honor of your presence as they come together to celebrate Minister Gloria.  

Please come to pay your respects to Minister Gloria as we praise YHWH with a heart full of joy for all that He has done for us, through the most wonderful and loving Gloria Bradford. 

We will honor YHWH as we remember Gloria with music, the word, prayer and fellowship. Gloria-Bradford-and-Leroy

Again the celebration has been postponed, but please leave your thoughts below to the family.

Please add your thoughts below for the family!

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