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mdlvertlogoAre we loving? What does love do? What is love? Are we loving the way Yahshua taught us?

Are we serving? What does true service look like? Are we serving people all the way through to meeting their needs?

Are we worshipping? What does true holy worship look like? Work and worship are the same word in the Hebrew language. Singing songs doesn’t even come close to what worship is. We worship with our life’s work and we truly worship when we teach others in this area.

slide-MDLWhen I began my journey, I watched others. I considered the methodology of various churches. I tried to learn by watching what other organizations and individuals did. Today, I look to the example of Yahshua. He had twelve disciples that were close. Out of the twelve, he had three that were very close. He taught them. He trained them. He loved them. He equipped them and we are to imitate Yahshua.

Daniel J. Stratton

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