My favorite aunt went home to be with the LORD…

My favorite aunt went home to be with the LORD too soon. She is only 7 years older than me and when you look up the word charisma in the dictionary, her picture is there. While she was dwindling down in her battle with Cancer, I went to see her and she asked me.
Danny, what have you learned in your life that you would tell people if you were going to die, like me.” Wow, what a question … I could feel her love and her respect for me, even though we didn’t share the same perspective on Jesus.
So, I said —
  1. We win, let’s play … or live expecting to succeed.
  2. We are all called to do something great, but none of us can do it alone. We all need help and we have all received help, if we are honest.
  3. There are no second class citizens — everybody has a purpose and deserves to be listened to and learned from.
  4. Stir up your gift. We are all unique, BUT we have a responsibility to develop ourselves.
  5. Refuse to be offended — when you participate in life, criticism and opposition will arise, don’t quit giving your gift.
  6. Speak well of each other … learn to use your words to build rather than just describe …

As I was about to go on, she was ready to discuss each one of these … Later in the day, I heard her telling her grandchildren — We win, Let’s Play ….

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