Super Bowl LII – Who Will Win It?

Super Bowl LIIThe Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will face each other this Sunday in Super Bowl LII. Forty-year old Tom Brady will once again be leading the Patriots, while Nick Foles will be leading the Eagles. Patriots coach Bill Bellichick is drawing a lot of media attention, but is quite short and to the point with his interviews. Doug Pederson, the Eagles head coach, is more gregarious, but he doesn’t draw nearly the attention.

I am in Minnesota with Mike Barber.  Mike was drafted #48 in the second round of the 1976 Draft by the Houston Oilers. He played 6 seasons with the Oilers, 3 seasons with the Rams and he retired as a Bronco after the 1985 season. He is here at the Super Bowl for the 23rd time interviewing the Athletes giving them an opportunity to share their faith and talk about how their faith applies to their lives as a football player and how that translates into their personal lives. A Video Piece

will be created from this work. CTN, TCT and Faith Networks will be airing this production. It will also be available to churches for a donation of any size. It would be perfect to air this Sunday, at church, or during the game, should you be hosting a party at your church or home. We will be airing this piece at Faith Exchange this Sunday.Image result for nick foles

There are strong believers on both teams, but I must say that the Philadelphia Eagles have made faith a central part of their daily regimen. Frank Reich, a former quarterback with the Buffalo Bills, is the offensive coordinator and leads bible study every week. Carson Wentz, who suffered a knee injury in week 15 of the season, is also a strong believer and the current starter Nick Foles has a strong walk with Jesus.

Matthew SlaterThe Patriots also have some strong believers. Matthew Slater, Nate Solder and Duron Harmon are players to watch and cheer for.

As always, God doesn’t take sides. I just wanted to give you a little insight into the lives of some of the players we were able to spend time with.

Tune in this Sunday at You can also catch us live on Facebook LIVE. Faith Exchange Community will be broadcasting.

As we watch the Super Bowl — let us enjoy our friends and worship our Savior.

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