Navajo Nation – Our 4th trip back..

After a very difficult journey to get here. Our direct flight turned into a detoured stop in Denver then on to Phoenix. In Phoenix we were picked up by two young ladies — Tink and Cache — who drove us to Flagstaff where we met Ellson and Callie Bennett who took us the last leg to the Cameron Trading Post. The total trip took 13 and a half hours. We are so glad to be here.

The sleep was sweet. For some reason I am not very hungry. I have had some good conversation with Ellson as I have asked him how best we can serve. Pastor Annie, Kim and I are here and ready to help in any way. Pastor Annie and Kim were pitching in, as well, sweeping and doing little things. Pastor Annie was also busy praying for various individuals. Today, I helped put up lights, put out chairs, even the ground, put up banners and listen to the people as they have come to me with questions.

Ellson has asked me to pray for him and to help him communicate his vision to get the Navajo to see themselves as a nation and to take control of their own destiny. He speaks of ownership and he speaks of a vision to create a new city that is owned and governed by the First Nations People.

Pastor Richard Amador — came to me. He pastors in Crosby, Texas and came right up to me asking me to help him with his teaching in the Hebrew. He has been with Ellson every time I have been here. He reaches out to me for help. Please pray for me to impart all that He, Yahuah, would have me do.

As the week progresses, leaders from the various First Nations tribes will be here. Political leaders will be here. Other local pastors from the Window Rock area are here.

I am blessed to bring this word.

As I seek my part — I hear — Not by might, not by power but by my Spirit says Yahuah.

I am also hearing “don’t worry about figuring out what to say, He, the Holy Spirit will fill my mouth.”


PA Healing

Hanging the banner

Ground work


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