Partner Letter February 2021

Let not your heart be troubled.  Be of Good Cheer.  Rise up and walk.  Peace be still.  Roll that stone away.  Get thee behind me Satan.  Speak to the mountain.  Have the God kind of Faith.  Judge Not.  Turn the other cheek.  Seek First His Kingdom.  

I have the pen of a ready writer because I have hid His word in my heart.  Setting our affections on things above results in a spirit-mind that knows to carefully cast down vain imaginations that would exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.   

Throughout scripture we are reminded to renew our minds.  We are instructed to choose our thoughts as preparation for guarding our hearts and our tongues.  Yahshua (Jesus) continually shows us by His words and His actions.  “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  “I did not come to condemn the world, but to reconcile the world to my Father.”  “I, and the Father, are one.”  

Faith comes one way.  It comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God taught by a true believer.  The Word of God taught by an unbeliever will not build your faith, and without faith it is impossible to align with or please God.  

For many years now I remind people when I minister that, “my opinions and a metro card will get you uptown on the Subway.”  Having an opinion about scripture is fine as long as you hold it in low regard, at first, or, until you see results that you can measure.  In scripture, Yahshua (Jesus) refers to results as fruit.  He and the other writers talk about fruit as more than just a one time event.  Fruit, in fact, isn’t fruit until it becomes seed bearing fruit or fruit that can bear fruit.  Let these thoughts be in you each and every day as it is your measurable investment and the return on that investment that you will be accountable to God for.  Think of faith-filled teaching as the fertilizer or the water needed to grow your faith to the place where, 1) you have the desire to bear fruit, 2) you have the confidence that the fruit that you will bear will please God.   Always remember that your words, your demeanor and your action will influence those around you.  Make sure that your influence is eternal and something that you will find satisfaction in, for the long term.  

Our opinions and our convictions are intertwined.  Belief and Knowledge are close cousins as well.  Scripture teaches us to study to shew ourselves approved and it teaches us that we are to plant, water and harvest.  He doesn’t instruct us to weed the garden.  He asks us to trust Him to weed the garden and cut off that which we might think is unproductive or unfruitful.  He teaches us to plant, water and harvest.  Allowing Him to weed, through the study of the word will, over time, minimize the bad seed that we might sow onto bad or unfruitful ground.  As long as the earth remains, seed, time and harvest shall remain.  Water your seed (your words) with the Word of God taught in faith and continue to speak … sowing words of life … and receive the harvest that will come with joy, marking the harvest that comes that weighs you down … from the bad seed or the bad ground that you have allowed in your garden.  

2021 is your best year yet.  It is not the best year you will ever have.  2022 will be better – spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially, by far.  I have been declaring words similar to this since the early 90s.  The effectual, fervent and consistent prayers of a righteous person will most certainly prevail.  You see Beloved, Above all things I wish that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul – your mind, will and emotions – prosper.  I declare His promises – as seed – knowing that His word is very good seed … and as I speak it to you – His partner, my partner – I plan to water and harvest while continuing to sow seed.  He will do the weeding and He will bring the increase.  It is up to the hearer/reader to receive the seed and allow the water to continue, so that the seed sown will produce a “greater than you would ask or think” harvest.  

Pastor Annie and I will continue to speak the words of life in 2021 as we have done through some very adverse times in the past.  We have stayed consistent through elections going back to 1988 and we have stayed consistent through 9-11-01, the crash of 08, Super Storm Sandy, the pandemic and the riots of 2020.  You see, no matter what comes … our words and our daily thoughts and actions must remain the same.  We pursue Him and we allow Him to weed the garden, fight our battles and bring the increase.  

So what is our part?  We sow seed.  We speak life.  We hear His word taught in faith so that our faith can increase.  What is good seed, knowing there is none good but God and that God is love and that faith works by love and that faith without action is dead?  (You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.).  We participate in the watering process by putting ourselves in position to hear His word and to be instructed in the use of seed and harvest and, yes, in watering all those that come to you to be instructed.  

The more I study, the more I learn, the more I realize how much more I have to learn, yet … for some reason the simpler my life gets.  You see … seed=word, water=word, harvest=word … repeat.   

Whether I abase or I abound, I will always have access to seed, water and harvest.  So, freely I have received and freely I give.  The Lord is my shepherd.  I shall not want.  He has seated me at His table in the presence of mine enemies and He has anointed My head with oil.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.  

2021 is the year of joy, victory, freedom and fulfillment.  Receive this seed.  Water this seed and prepare to harvest. 

Much Love
Pastor Dan.

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