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Praise Reports

Praise Reports

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Ty pastor dan I’m approaching this differently 4 now listening first then again to take notes I think I got it today a little ty for ur time n teaching I’m so excited about the connection ty God Bless. My e mail is [email protected]🙏🙏🙏🌝


Pastor Yoel From CubaPastor today we were distributing food, helping to be a channel of blessing and as God allows us we are going to do it, tomorrow we are going to continue distributing people in need. There are preparing bags to give rice, beans, oil, sugar, turkey mince, beef, mixed, viands, eggs, croquettes, soap. We feel that this is part of what we can do at this time and continue to preach Christ.
–Pastor Yoel (from Cuba)

Love you Pastor Dan and Annie so thankful for your teaching and training. I am so blessed to be in His house today. I had an emotional distraction this morning. From words spoken to me. I had gotten disheartened right before I got on the call please forgive me. Just like Gloria prayed over me I shake off anything that is not of Yahweh. I live and breathe in Him. Everyday we live and breathe closer to Him. I live and soak up is HIs love, I speak his words and actions that He speaks to me. Know that my children and children’s are taught of Yahweh, Yud Heh Vav Heh. As for Me and my house we shall know him and walk in HIm. Thank you Yud Heh Vav Heh that my tongue is loosed and I increase my understanding. Eph.1 Praise Yahweh! I continue to ask that the communication airways are running smoothly for all the believers to connect with believers and unbelievers. I thank you Yahweh for our connections and relationships and we are in unity. Love you so, Hope you and Annie Have a Miraculous Day! Big Virtual Hugs


Today I am preparing bags of food to help the Church families that we can reach, buy 100 pounds of beans, 200 pounds of rice, oil, soap, hash, eggs, croquettes, viands and also harvesting a little bean on the farm, cassava and that we are going to start giving today to the most needy Church families, elderly people, widowed women, single women with children and to some families in the area even if they are not Christians, until God allows us.

–Pastor Yoel

So glad I received Deeper Life file. I am sharpening my sword in my field per say, to teach. I have been learning how to teach reading English in a more simplified way with Reading Simplified Academy. So that must be one of my words for the year. Simplify and Streamline learning and equiping minds. I am not naturally line upon line but I continue to learn to be, it is very necessary for teaching all skill subjects.

Hello man of God my name is Beatty Kwamboka am from Kenya. Am married to pastor Justus Ondieki. I have 7kids 3girls 4boys. I really need your prayer I have been so sick for the last 15 years. But I thank God for this far. One day I was very sick at night when I was sleeping the voice of the lord says to me you’re not going to die antlill you will see your children grand children. Yesterday when you were praying I was just saying Amen even if I was not understanding your language. I trust in the lord one day all will be well. Pray for my family God bless for the work of God

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