Prophecy From Sunday

I Am Able

He’s able

He’s able to do the impossible

Right this minute in your life

He is the God of all flesh

And not one thing is too hard for Him

The Most High said this morning:

I make the crooked ways straight

I make the ax head float

I make rivers, rivers, rivers in the desert

I do the impossible

Cause I AM the God of the impossible

And not one thing is too hard EVER for Me

I’m able

I’m willing

And I will, I will, I will

I will

Says the Most High

So all you have to do right this minute

Is believe!

Believe for the impossible in your life

Believe for the crooked way to be made straight

I give sight to the blind

I help the lame to walk

I raise the dead

There is NOTHING

Nothing too hard for Me

So whatever it is that you need

Reach out right NOW

And receive

I AM able

I AM able





I AM willing

And I will do all I promise you

Don’t give up on Me

I’m your Father

I’m the Most High

I’m the Creator

Whatever you have need of

Just reach out and receive

Right now, your healing

Right now, your deliverance from addictions

Right now, your joy

Right now, the circumstance to change in your favor

For I change rules

I change regulations

I change policies

Yes, even I will change their mind for you

For you and you and you

For I AM the Most High

And My favor is on My children

My anointing is on My children

My glory is on My children

My presence is on My children

And My anointing will do what it says it will do

So receive, receive and believe

And believe and receive

For I AM able

I AM able and I will do it in your midst right now

Says the Most High

He’s able!

He’s able!

He’s able!



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