Purposing Your Fast

Purposing our fast 

Why are we fasting?  

Direction, humility, repentance, freedom, intimacy 

21 days 

We are three days in.  

Feb. 9, 2022 


Isaiah 58:6-12

What does YHWH call a fast?  

We always want his perspective


Matthew 9:14-16

Here Yahshua teaches us to mourn our distance from YHWH 

Going to the end, or finishing before you begin.  

What do I mean?  

Use the filter – direction, humility, repentance, freedom and intimacy 

We have the end in mind … intimacy with Yah … as we consider the first four.   


  • Fasting is biblical Moses, Jesus, David and others fasted.  
  • Fasting is always linked to prayer.  It makes no sense to fast without increasing your time in prayer.  This should be obvious.  We are seeking Him, His voice, His direction and intimacy with Him.  
  • Fasting is a way to humble yourself, submit yourself.  Psalm 35:13, Ezra 8:21, Psalm 69:10.  
  • Fasting and prayer can help us hear Yah more clearly.  Learning to listen during prayer.  
  • Fasting will reveal your true spiritual condition.  When you see your flaws more clearly, it will move you towards repentance.  
  • When you begin to see the strength coming – spiritual strength – and it will you will begin to move towards serving others.  Trying to serve others without a good cleansing fast will usually end in hurt feelings, either yours or other people … 




As you begin your fast – examine your heart.  Ask YHWH Yahshua to show you the errors of your ways.  Psalm 19:12-14.  This is a great way to repent.  


David in Psalm 66:16-20 


Confess your sin.  Your known sin and your unknown sin.  

Ask yourself.  


  • What is standing in the way of my relationship with YHWH?  
  • What is holding me back from living and loving like Yahshua?


Seeking God isn’t supposed to be selfish.  The purpose is to honor Yahweh Yahshua.  


Now, consider the filters that I shared with you on Sunday and the previous Sunday.  


Direction, humility, repentance, freedom, intimacy 

Clarity, efficiency, productivity, growth, promotion

Joy, victory, freedom, fulfillment 

Creative courage 


Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Humility, Self-control 

12 simple thoughts 

The Hebrew Letters 

The writing of the red letters 

Speaking the Ephesians Prayers twice daily – first person.  

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