Put Love On It

“Pastor Dan, I had the opportunity to minister at my church yesterday. As I was preparing to minister, I heard your voice in my head saying, ‘pray for the people. Remember how much God loves them and put that love on your voice.’”

As I write to you today, I remind you to meditate His love for you. Remembering that God loves us and specifically you is the beginning of your faith. He has promised to “never leave us nor forsake us.” Paul, in his writings, encourages that “all things work together for good, for those who love God.” I tell you this as I purpose to serve you through this word of support.

Put Love On It!

Faith without works is dead. Faith works by love. When you stand praying, forgive. For with the same measure that you measure withal, it shall be measured back again unto you. As you go into all the world to bring good news proclaiming the testimony of God’s love as demonstrated through His willingness to shed His own Son’s blood – press and ask Yah/God to show you more and more of His plan, His wisdom, His peace and His step by step action plan for you personally.

For those of you who have eyes to see, there is scripture in each of these paragraphs and if you look deeper you will see the foundational scriptures in each sentence. You see, you don’t want to “kick against the pricks” or live your life “swimming against the current.” It is time that you begin to do the work, to learn to hear Him at the beginning of every day, every venture and every thought.

Let me give you a hint — If you want to hear Him? Put love on it. Think about kindness. Think about compassion. Think about service. Think about how precious and amazing people are … yes, even the ones you don’t like. Now listen. Listen …

You see that when the prophet told us to “climb the tower and set ourselves upon the watch.” He is not talking about a battle turret. He is talking about the tower of love. Climb the tower of power which is the tower of love.

Love God with all of your heart.
Love people knowing that they are beautiful and majestically created in the image of God.
Love your enemies.

Dan Stratton

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