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Service Will Be Online This Wednesday Night (3/21/18) Due To Snow Storm


God is Love.  Jesus is Lord.  Yahshua is YHWH.  Yahshua Moschiach is the same yesterday, today and forever and He is new every morning.  Great is His faithfulness.  Every man will speak of his own goodness, but a faithful man who can find?

There is a snow storm in our area tonight.  Government officials have issued a travel advisory telling citizens to stay home.  Flights have been cancelled.  Buses and trains are running on a limited schedule.

With this in mind, I am going to ask my faithful team to stay home tonightWe ARE going to have service as we always do, but we are going to do it via Facebook Live and a conference call.

The service will begin at 7:30.  I will set up my iPhone to broadcast via Facebook live and I will need all of you to tune in and share this broadcast.

For those of you who aren’t on facebook, we will also hold a conference call.  The dial in number is —

Access Code: 473379#

Invite your friends to join us.  Most people will be staying home tonight.  We can all use another Word meal.

Spread the word,

Much love,

Pastor Dan.

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How May We Serve You?


How May We Serve You?

Serving is both an art and a science.  Intending to help someone is never good enough.  We have minimized the question “How are you?”  

We don’t really want to know how the person feels or how they are doing; we are really just being polite and greeting them.  Most times, we don’t even wait for the response.  In fact the customary and expected response has become a simple “I’m fine.  How are you?”  


When your intention is to help or serve someone, care must be given from the very beginning of the interaction between the helper and the one asking for help.  This is where the art and the science of the very simple though occur.  


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