Testimony – Partner Letter

It is my prayer for all of you that you receive all that God has promised you.  He is not a man that can lie, and since that is true, then you need to trust that what He has said, in His word, He can and will do.  As I consider the first chapter of Corinthians, I am reminded that as I read, and I suggest that you read it for yourself, that the word needs to be read and then re-read.  I need to think about it until I have some kind of understanding.  Once I think I understand, then I need to say what I think I read, telling/teaching someone what I have spent time to understand.  Too often I think we read the Bible out of obligation and we never really do the work to understand what is being said and, more importantly, what is being said to us.  


This past Sunday we did some work meditating Victory and Freedom connecting those promised realities to our lives through our testimony.  We drilled down as we considered our testimonies in a meaningful way.  Starting with Revelation 12:11 we reminded ourselves that we Overcome – We are Victorious – by the blood of the Lamb – the finished work of Yahshua (Jesus) and the truth that He was innocent of the crimes that led to His execution on the cross and His journey into hell, where he could not be held.  Hell could not hold Him.  The grave could not hold Him.  He was not just innocent.  He was clean.  He was spotless, without blemish and without flaw … He was and is the perfect lamb, slain and sacrificed for all of us … … And on that day, the day of Calvary and on those three days that Yahshua endured death, hell and the grave for us, we were set free … the finished work, the blood of the lamb slain before the foundations of the world.  He did that work.  We have to do our work and that work is clearly stated in that same verse – and the word of our testimony – – 


What is your testimony?  I want to hear it.  Write it out.  Send it to me.  What is your solemn declaration?  What has God done in your life?  What can you bear witness to?  What evidence do you have in your life that God has been with you all along?  And finally, what are you personally committed to?  What is your personal conviction?  


You see 1 Corinthians 1 starts out with a prayer by Paul – praying for the people in Corinth that believe.  He prays that they receive all that God has promised them and then He speaks directly to them so that they don’t disqualify themselves from receiving the gifts promised in the work.  He says, “God uses the foolish, the lowly and the weak.”   Paul is encouraging the Corinthians and Paul is still encouraging us.  He is reminding us to pursue that which is promised.  He is reminding us to ask, seek and knock according to the promises and not according to our desires and our perspectives.  You see Jesus has been made unto us Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification and Redemption and that is what we should want.  Pursuing these 4 paths will lead us to the Kingdom and to Him, therefore Matthew 6:33 will manifest in that “all these other things shall be added unto you, when we first pursue the promised Kingdom”.  


Here are my notes from last Sunday’s message, and you can see the process at work.  


In His service and yours,
Pastor Dan.

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