That time when Danielle got baptized

Danielle was three and fully ready to be baptized. The overseer of this service challenged Danielle at 3 as she spoke to the group. “Danielle, why are you here?” “ I’m here to be baptized.”

What is baptism Danielle?” And in her little voice she said. “ when I stand in the water I think about my sins. Then my Daddy will dunk me and m sins will be washed away. When I come out I think about Jesus making me clean. “ “in whose name Danielle will you be baptized ?”

By this time the group was amazed and cheering Danielle – some we’re crying. “The name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit – but mostly Jesus “. The skeptical overseer smiled at me and said “you’re right Pastor Dan … she’s ready.”


Dan Stratton