LIVE! On our YouTube Channel

Faith Exchange is pleased to announce our new YouTube Channel!
Please give it a look, and let us know what you think!

For now, we have almost 50 videos there. In the next few months, we will be moving our entire archive of videos over to YouTube, which is more easily accessible and reliable for everyone.

For quick search. Go to and subscribe to Daniel Stratton YouTube Channel to catch all live broadcasts. That’s where you can catch all our live broadcasts – no need to remember which site to visit.

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Live broadcasts!! Go to Daniel Stratton You tube channel and subscribe!

Live broadcasts!! Go to Daniel Stratton You tube channel and subscribe!

Introducing, a site where you can catch all our live broadcasts. You can also check for our latest services on our YouTube Channel. Once you're there, you can also watch dozens of archived live broadcasts on by clicking on the BROADCAST ARCHIVE link. Please subscribe...

WED. Family Worship Service

WED. Family Worship Service

Please join us for our Wednesday Service, lead by Pastors Dan and Ann Stratton, every Wednesday at 7:30pm. For a complete event schedule, visit our Events page. We will be broadcasting services LIVE, on YouTube!! Just check back on this page for the link.

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  1. Stephen Malinchock March 27, 2015

    Please send me a listing of your Regular Service times and Mircacle Service Times along with parking information.

    Thank You,

    Stephen Malinchock

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