There Is No Greater Call

There is no greater call

A little over 2000 years ago – a band of kings traveled to sit with Herod in Judea.  They were well versed in the written prophetic works of Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, Zechariah and others.  They went to see the leader of the Jewish people.  They thought Herod, of all people, would be aware of the coming of the Messiah.  He was in charge.  Not only was Herod unaware.  The fact that a true King would be born in his Israel threatened him.  When the kings left him, he went into deep worry and anxiety.  
The kings followed the star, knowing from prophecy that they had to get to Bethlehem and sure enough, they were there at the birth of our Savior.  There in a manger, born to a virgin, was Yahshua.  We call him Jesus, but he was given the name Yahshua — which speaks of His nature and His connection to the sacred name – YHWH.  
It was then that Herod imitated Pharoah of old and decreed that all male children under two years old should be slaughtered.  They feared the coming of the Messiah.  It didn’t fit their plans.  The killing of children … the killing of boys …  the killing of children … the killing of boys …  
My friends … Be of good cheer.  YHWH through His messengers spoke to Joseph and Mary and they obeyed — protecting the life of Yahshua (Jesus) and the whole world is better for it.  His teachings have emancipated the poor, women, the lame, the sick and groups thought less than.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  YHWH will speak to you as well.  Spend more time in the secret place this holiday season.  Give meaningful gifts.  Look into your sphere of influence and remove someone’s burden.  Destroy another man’s yoke.  Help them til they are truly helped.  
Somebody asked me the other day.  Dan, why did you choose to be a Pastor/Preacher?  The answer is simple.  There is no greater calling than the call to serve Yahshua, the greatest teacher who ever lived and still lives.  His word changes lives for the better.  His word has always lifted up the downtrodden and the neglected.  I had a choice.  I was doing fine.  But I wasn’t doing my best.  My best is in Him and I will fight for His word in all that hear it.  
I see the efforts to marginalize His teachings.  I see my efforts to centralize and prioritize His teachings as the Highest and Best use of my life.
Dan Stratton

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