Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night

When the ball is droppin’
And Champagne corks are poppin’
We will be praising and raising a tiny little cup
Lifting the Lord up
In Remembrance of His love and His grace
And the promise to meet face to face
In the days ahead …

With the scriptures read aloud
And sins confessed to one another
We will start the year new
Slates wiped clean, the scales are balanced and we once again stand
Brother to brother — praying for each other …
Believing and hoping, vowing to be where we are supposed to be
On our watch, diligent, keeping promises and doing our daily work.

Vision2020 free association
I promise to listen if you will speak respectfully.
I promise to speak honestly, if you will listen …
I promise to help if I can, if asked and …
I promise to grant you the right to be …

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