We Will Be Singing

We will be singing

We will be singing.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, generosity, faithfulness, meekness and temperance (self control) — against such there is no law.

Owe no man but to love him.

We are risen in Christ and we are seated with Him in heavenly places. Our citizenship is in heaven and our loyalties are to the one Savior, Yahshua ha Moschiach and we kneel for no other.

Tomorrow we will meet in church. We will do so safely.
We will sing. We will broadcast and we will preach the word.

Pursue the fruit of the Spirit and you will not be moved by the demands of this world.

Businesses and families with children are moving out of NYC by the thousands. Violence in the streets, which includes the destruction of business, robbery, murder and outright mayhem has people locked down for a second reason. Covid was the first reason. The homeless are being housed in neighborhoods where children go to school. Listed sex offenders and drug users are being supported there. This is not affecting the Fifth Avenue/Madison Ave. crowd. They have second homes to go to. This is effecting the middle class and those that live paycheck to paycheck.

Politicians are defunding the police. They are panicking because they realize that decisions they have made has alienated an important part of their tax paying base. Now they are saying they will open the schools. They wouldn’t be saying this but they will run out of money when the taxpayers are gone.

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These same politicians cancelled the 9/11 remembrances. Then some private citizens said they would pay to honor those that we lost on that horrific day. We will never forget. We will be in church that night — praying, singing and inquiring of the Lord as to what we should do.

Defund the Police — Sanctuary Cities — Letting violent criminals out after being arrested within 24 hours of torching a car or looting a business. Many policeman are retiring and others are doing double duty out of a love for their city … all while enduring massive abuse and disrespect on a daily basis.

Black lives matter. You are being heard. Change is required. Violence is not the way to get the necessary changes. The violence effects the entrepreneur, the worker, the mother, the child and the elderly the most. The rich and the powerful just use their resources to be somewhere else.

NYC has really been hit hard … this double whammy has caused an Exodus that we are only beginning to measure. Covid and George Floyd … may have been the match that lit the torch, but the underlying issues that have caused the protests to turn violent … or at the very least have caused the protests to be difficult to separate from the demands of the most vocal and the most violent, have been with us for some time and need to be addressed … on a daily basis. I pray for peacemakers on all sides of every issue.

We will be in TriBeCa … we won’t be going anywhere. We will be right where we’ve been since the late eighties. Faith Exchange will be interceding in prayer calling on God to see us all through … a time when our elected leaders pay lip service to God on occasion … all while trying to silence the faithful. We will be singing. We will be loving those that love us and those that think what we do is foolish.

We will be singing. Be of Good Cheer. Rise up and Walk. You are in the world but not of it. Set your affections on things above.

We are blessed beyond the curse, His promises are sure. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Love Him, Seek Him, Serve Him and serve the least of these…

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Much love …

Dan Stratton

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