We win!!

My first book was titled, “We Win, Let’s Play.” In this book I try to convey principles in an artistic way that will help people to maintain a proper inner image of themselves and of the God (YHWH) they serve. The book has helped many people.

When the angel came to give Mary the name she should give to her yet unborn son, she was given the Name Yahushua. This name translated to English means YHWH saves (pronounced Yahuah). In Hebrew the name Yahushuah has three deep conceptual meanings — Salvation (Savior), Deliverance (Deliverer), Victory (Victor). I love to have this understanding because when I read Salvation, Deliverance or Victory in the Old Testament I know they are talking about a person and not a concept. This will help you in the New Testament as well because it will keep your mind choosing to be with Yahushuah rather than going over into intellectual mode which in fact is a lower level of life — a life of decision making and rational computations — rather than a life of camaraderie with the living Champion Yahushuah Himself — living like He did and does — “doing only what He sees the Father doing and saying only what He hears the Father saying.”

We — are you and YHWH through Yahushuah. All things are possible with Yah. You can do all things through Moschiach Yahushuah (Christ Jesus) who strengthens you. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. You have been made more than a Conqueror through Yahushuah. Don’t leave home without Him. Don’t stay home without Him. We are those who practice His presence daily, knowing that He speaks. He is good all of the time. He is smarter and stronger than we are all of the time. He speaks to all of us all of the time. The we that I speak of — knows this, hears Him and immediately obeys. Delayed obedience is disobedience. It is better than never obeying but it is still rebellious. We are His reflection and even your reflection knows better than to delay moving as you move.

So, We Win. Ultimately We Win by having everlasting life in Yah. However, we win now when we meditate Victory Himself. What would you do if you knew you would win? What risk would you take, knowing every obstacle was there to overcome and every problem presented is there to be solved. Meditate that. Answer the question for yourself and join the victorious “we” and move to “Let’s play.”

Let us — implies that we must honor one another by immediately obeying and “making our supply available”. Our supply is our time, talent and treasure. We need to do this with a generous and energetic passion. We must do it with a joy that makes giving and serving feel like play. “I love to give. I love to serve. I work with a playful exuberance. I am not obligated. I am blessed to have been asked to be in His company and in His presence.”

So, there you have it. An exercise for you in this meditation would be for you to go through my writing and find every reference to scripture. See where Yahushuah is speaking through this piece and document it in your journal. You see, I am well aware that my opinion and a metrocard will get me on the subway, as long as I have the metrocard. His word is what really matters. His word will outlast all that is visible — even heaven and earth. It was there before the visible and it will outlast the visible. I put my faith in that which is unseen, for it is impossible to please Yah without faith. First, I must believe that He is — a form of I am — and that He is a (the) rewarder of those who DILIGENTLY seek Him.

Oh how I love you. Oh how I long for us to run together, victoriously setting people free. I just had this image — As a child I used to love to play frozen tag with my friends. As the person who was it, was catching and “freezing” all of the other contestants I would wait until he would freeze all but me and then I would race to “unfreeze” them all setting them free and frustrating beyond measure the person who was “it”. He thought he had won only to find out that this was my plan. I love how Yah did this with Yahushuah at Calvary — only He freed us from Death and eternal damnation. He unfroze us. We win, let’s play!

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