When I think of 9-11 – with Pastor Dan Stratton

The other day someone sent me a message telling me to stay out of NYC on 9-19-22. He said that something bad was going to happen … He said that people need to stay clear of DC and LA as well. I asked him what was going to happen and he said that NYC, DC and LA were going to be nuked on that day. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not going to happen. God loves His people and He loves His people in those three cities. Who are His people? Only He knows for sure. One thing I know for sure is this, God will not allow the destruction of any city without warning His prophets and His ministers so that they can warn His people.
In 1999, I retired from trading. I was trading Crude Oil at the time and was doing well. In my prayer time, I was told to train teams to share the gospel Chambers street and south. New Yorkers know that area to be 9-11 Ground Zero. I was also instructed to teach on the sacred Name. Scripture teaches us “The Name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are safe.” Our church was located at 90 West Street. We first took space in that building – the next tall building south of the World Trade Center site in 1994. We began our church there in 1997 and were holding midweek services and prayer meetings there in 2001. We had staff in that building that morning. We had members moving through the neighborhood that morning. The miraculous stories are too numberous to list. To a person, they felt in their spirit or heard in their spirits what they were to do to get to safety on that day.
Every person has an inner voice. God will speak to anybody. He is no respecter of persons. Some people are trained to hear that voice and acknowledge that voice as God while acknowledging that voice has their protection and well-being in mind. Others have heard about God speaking to people, while others just scoff when this fact is mentioned by anyone.
When I think of 9-11 and I think of it often, I am reminded of the horrific tragedy that it was. I am reminded of the many warnings that we had leading up to that day. I am reminded how we disregarded the warning that occurred in 1993 and I am reminded how we missed many other warnings leading up to that day. We were focused on many things, but keeping people safe was not as important as getting along with people who want to hurt us. We are in that space again today. We need to heed warnings.
Tomorrow is Sunday September 11th, 2022. 21 years ago we were attacked by people who hate us. Today, we need to pay close attention when people tell you that they hate you. It won’t be long before they will do something horrific to hurt you. Also, we need to be mindful not to hate those who hate us because that very hate will blind you and make you deaf to the voice of God. It’s not easy to love those who openly despise you. Still, for your safety and theirs you must continue to love your enemies and to walk the extra mile.
Having ears that hear and eyes that see is a gift from God.
On this night, the night before 9-11 back in 2001 I was praying on my porch at home. I was in travail. I am not one who cries or gets too worked up over many things and I was bent over on my porch crying for over two hours … God was warning me. He was preparing me for what was to come, but mostly He was teaching me that He can speak to those of us who want ears to hear. He will show us things to come.
That is why I know you all will be safe on 9-19-22 from a nuclear attack. You may not be safe from the criminals that are being let back on the street or the criminals that are not being checked that are assaulting the elderly and the weak. But you will be safe from a nuclear attack.
Friends, God is real. He loves you and wants to protect you. However, He will not force Himself on you. If you hate Him or scoff at the mention of His Name, He still loves you. God is love and Love isn’t love if it is forced on anyone. You must choose Him. We are moving into troubled times. We have been in the beginnings of very troubled times, but they are getting worse and will get worse.
When the Republicans win back the House and Senate this fall, there will be riots in NYC. There would have been riots had the Republicans won the Presidency in 2020. All of New York was boarded up. Everybody knows this to be true.
On the anniversary of 9-11 l beseech you to acknowledge God and be trained to hear His voice. Your life depends on it. Your family depends on you learning to hear His voice and your enemies need you as well.
I am sad tonight. I have too many vivid memories. I will be in church tomorrow. Feel free to join us at 95 Leonard Street.
We love you.
What I think of 9-11 - with Pastor Dan Stratton

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