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Word for the Day : The True Vine 5/3/16

Word for the Day : The True Vine 5/3/16

The Vine is precious to me. As Yahshua is the Vine and the Invisible YHWH is the husband man — YHWH the Father, I am honor bound to serve and hear from the Vine — the True Vine.

As we are the branches in the Vine — we, too, are the vine. You are the Vine — and I must listen to you and serve you. The life of the Redeemer, the true reconciler, lives in us/you. So, I listen for your connection to the life that lives in you. Either you are aware or you are unaware. It is for me to serve you to become more aware of that life so that you can enjoy it and wield that life on behalf of others. I listen and serve.

I don’t come to condemn anyone or locate anyone or label anyone into a static place but I come to help purge and prune so growth happens more and more rapidly and more and more abundantly, but life that benefits the branch as well as the fruit the branch will bear, the person and the people the person touches.

I spent quality time with two very important friends over the past few days — T and JiNan.

Much love.

-Pastor Dan Stratton


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