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Word For Today – April 14, 2016

Word For Today – April 14, 2016

In the Archko Volume the writer tells of a conversation between Pilate and Yahshua.

Yahshua has been tortured and is brought to Pilate before he makes his walk to Golgotha. As Pilate looks up to see our Savior he is immobilized. He cannot move. He cannot speak. Yahshua is bound, cut, bruised and bloody. Still, he looks directly at Pilate and Pilate is moved by the fact that there is no fear in this tortured man. And with a look Yahshua gives Pilate permission to speak.

“So, you are the King of the Jews. You are the one that they fear. I have watched you and I have instructed my men to allow you to do what you do. So, you see, I have been your ally. Without my permission, you can’t even move in this region.” Pilate then waited for a response.

“Can you cause the waterfall to flow up? It is not for you to help or hinder me. Who I am, What I do and Why I do it are part of a plan that was put into place long before Rome existed and, yes, before the very beginning of all things. I must do the will of My Father. This is truth.”

Yahshua Yahuah — Jesus, God is good all the time. He is smarter than us — all the time –and He speaks — all the time.

His light gives life. His love surrounds and straightens out the confusion and removes all evil. His truth sets things aright – time and time again. And for those who choose to love Him, everthing works together for good.

I tell you this to encourage you to continue to Ask, Seek and Knock. Yahshua is the King of Kings and His Name is the Name above all names. With Him all things are possible and since that is the absolute truth, you would be foolish to quit. You may have to alter your direction a bit or shed some proverbial weight, but by no means should you quit.

Since He paid the price for you and was victorious over death, He will deliver you to a beautiful manifested truth. He is in love with you. He really is able to make all grace ABOUND towards you, but you have to step out and believe.


-Pastor Dan Stratton

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