Word of the Day- Dependent on the Voice

I am down to 18 percent and I have had another amazing day in Yahshua Yahuah.

JiNan George is one amazing person. Francis her husband and the children Gaetano and Rosa were amazing. Francis and I spent 3 hours together. We spoke of many things too personal to discuss here. JiNan then met us for a healthy lunch where we celebrated our friendship. We then went back to JiNan’s office for some Holy Spirit problem solving. Really a great day. Later we went back to their lovely home, a home that they opened up to Valarie Williams just last week, and I spent the afternoon in the driveway with the kids playing HORSE. Fun.

If I could describe to you how dependent I am on the Voice of the Holy Spirit, I would. I don’t know what I would do without His omnipresence. He is forever with me, in spite of me. He uses me because He loves those that I open up to serve. He loves His people through me and I am so blessed to feel Him move through me. I don’t ever want to say, “My Yah, My Yah, why hast thou forsaken me.” I live to hear Him and I trust that inner Voice that speaks to me, every time I call upon Him.

Lately, He has been telling me to slow down alot and wait. It has been amazing how I will hear a word, that in the past I would have spoken only to hear it come out of the mouth of the person that I am spending time with.

As I continue in the Vine, receiving and giving love, I look for fruit. I look in my life and in the lives of others. I am not looking for wealth or even peace, I look for those that would follow the lead of those that seek Him.

Seek and you will find.
Seek first the Kingdom.
I am seeking and I truly enjoy the journey meeting others that are on the same path.

I pray for you tonight. I pray that He orders your steps aright and I pray that we begin to walk consistently shoulder to shoulder.

I will be taking the Message of the Kingdom to many places in the very near future. It is a privilege and an honor.

April — the energy world, Hebbronville Texas, the Staffing world

May — Cuba

June — we will have our conference. I will be back in NC with JiNan.

July — TExas.

August — Arizona with the Navajo

September – Another Deeper Life conference

October – NC and Mexico.

Pray for me.

-Pastor Dan Stratton

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